Big Circus Man

5-30-man 1 - 1

I’m continuing to work on pieces that were part-way finished before I left for Washington at the end of April. It makes me feel as though I am actually accomplishing something when I am being distracted by lots of other things like the garden and clothes-making. There are never enough hours in the day.

5-30-man 1 - 2

A very complicated scene on his chest (and arms and back).

5-30-man 1 - 3

5-30-man 1 - 4

5-30-man 1 - 5

5-30-man 1 - 6

First doll of the year

I am doing a big clean-up in my studio and also trying to get some pieces moving along. Where I get tired of one activity, I switch over to the other. So, both are going slowly. Studio cleaning and rearranging is a big chore but I always find forgotten treasures and that makes it SO worth it. Anyway, HeH! I got one finished!

1-7-tattooman1 - 1

He is a mustache man.

1-7-tattooman1 - 2

So many skeletons.

1-7-tattooman1 - 3

1-7-tattooman1 - 4

I love finding the perfect antique button.

1-7-tattooman1 - 5

And yes, Christmas is over. Both the tree and my man are out on the porch.

1-7-tattooman1 - 6

Big Man- Day of the Dead or Christmas?

This fellow got finished at the perfect time of year. This fabric is both Day of the Dead and Christmas. I should probably do some research to learn more. What I know for sure is that it is gorgeous.

10-31-tattoo man - 1 (1)

10-31-tattoo man - 2

I think my favorite image is the little skeleton angels.

10-31-tattoo man - 6

He has glittery gold rick rack on his belt. The rick rack is left-over from my days making kids costumes.

10-31-tattoo man - 4

10-31-tattoo man - 3

10-31-tattoo man - 5

Happy Halloween everybody!