tiki 2

I have never figured out how to successfully photograph red-on-red. These photos all show this tiki with a much more orange tone than he is in life. The main red background color is a dark red- not at all a Coke red.

tiki time

It has been a long while and I’m back in the mood for tikis. I think I made the last one in January 2008.

I am thinking that I will make the tiki pattern this summer. I’ve tried 3 different faces- I will have to decide which one I like best.

It is fun to be working on wool applique after making all the little fox clothes. Mixing it up keeps it all fun for me.

A view from the top-

And the garden is reaching explosion level! I love poppies-

and the allium-

Both the poppies and the allium have self-seeded into all kinds of wonderful places around the garden. And this is just the beginning of the season!