2 with no saucers

Lots of times I find nice cups that have no saucers. Some days I think it’s fine, other days not. Well, these ones came home and have their own little worlds now.

Can you see that this cup has Paul Revere on his famous ride?

2:9:tw 8a

2:9:tw 8b

This one is a summer flower garden of roses- how could I resist!

2:9:tw 9a

2:9:tw 9b

I have put my tiny world pattern back in my Etsy shop and it is on sale for $8 for a few days. Also, I will be putting all of these pin cushions in the shop, hopefully by tomorrow night.

Tiny World time

I taught a tiny world workshop last weekend. Two of the participants finished in time for me to get a photo-

2:4:tw 1

2:4:tw 2

Lots of bright color choices during the gloomy days of winter! Teaching meant that I pulled out all my supplies and made some sample parts and all the rest. So, post class, I am working on my own Tiny Worlds this week.

2:4:tw 5

2:4:tw 6

2:4:tw 3

2:4:tw 4

It is fun to be working on them again after such a long time!


all the rest of the tiny worlds

So, all these Tiny Worlds? I’ve been making them all for the Holiday window of Gather Here, my favorite local fabric/yarn store. We set it up this morning.

12:1:tw windowI will go back when it isn’t raining and there is no glare on the glass so I can post better shots of the finished window. Here are the last of the tiny worlds that I made for it.



And then I tried out some new ideas! A castle in a gold tea cup-



This one has the garden I’ve always wanted. It was a challenge to photograph all the topiary.



And lastly, I stayed up late last night to finish this one. That meant that with the rain this morning, there was no way to take a good picture. But, here it is in the window, a tiny town on a hill!