preppy pug

And now back to the happy pugs!

6:20:pug3a6:20:pug3b6:20:pug3c6:20:pug3d6:20:pug3eI do like making these cuties! And here she is with her friend.

6:20:pug3fBoth dogs have cashmere coat fabric bodies. Her ears are also cashmere, his are alpaca. Their “jackets” are wool. Her skirt is a cashmere sweater ribbing.

2 thoughts on “preppy pug

  1. I have been seeing you on your site via my blog loving and on etsy for years..I love what you do. Nice to meet you and a fellow BFA girl in Art.

    Just wanted to tell you your work makes me happy. I saw your etsy video…GREAT!!!

    There are so fun pics of her there…love to see your dog lineup!1

    Thanks again,

  2. PS it is so great to use all the bits and pieces of things I love it too!! My husband drags me to every flea market, antique market, boot sale around the West and when we are in Europe so it gives me something to back to doll making..I have been working on a children’s book and I do the graphics and booking for the music biz.

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