Black Pug Fellow

I’ve been working on all the animals. First up, some pugs.

I love his fancy jacket and sharp white shirt.

It can be hard to see how his nose pops out when photographing the black fabric.

He’s got a curly tail too. And here is all of them- more pics coming soon.

Tweedy Pug

This is the last one for now. She is dressed in Autumn colors with a tweedy top. I think she looks like she would be happy partnering up with Miss Marple.

She has a cashmere skirt and wool plaid scarf to stave off any brisk breezes.

Her tail is sticking straight up! I forgot to curl it before I took the photos. There is a pipe cleaner in the tail so it can hold a shape.

another Fancy Pug

The pattern on her top is called houndstooth (which is perfect of course) but I think of them as stars.

And a fancy flower pin.

She is beige cashmere and a cashmere knit skirt. The top is wool blend.

Pug in Plaid

A pug boy in a buffalo plaid shirt. He’s got a belt too.

His body parts (not the shirt) are all cashmere and so so soft. His wool shirt has little french knot “buttons”.

What Day is it again?

I don’t know about you but I have been feeling like I stepped into an episode of the Twilight Zone. Life is very strange these days. What has been happening here? Spring has arrived and the garden is happy.

My seeds are beginning to grow.

I made a baby blanket gift.

I learned something new. I had never heard about stack wound vs cross wound threads. I read/learned about it here. After reading this, I set up my sewing machine like this for when I use Gutermann threads-

I used the water cup for my iron because that was the closest thing at hand in my studio that worked. I will be keeping my eye out for something a bit more practical/permanent since I’ll have to use the water cup soon for it’s intended purpose! And here is the clip as suggested in the article.

So far it has been working great! At least half the thread I use is Coats & Clark which is stack wound so I don’t have to use this method for all my thread.

And lastly, I have been working on pugs. I haven’t made them for a long time! I don’t have any idea why all the sewing seems to be going at glacier speed, but little by little, hopefully I will get something finished. As of today, I have 8 sewed up and turned so hurray for that!