a few more lumberjacks this week

I’m back to the men for this week and then owls because of my upcoming class.

Today’s man-

10-15-lumberjack 3 - 4

He has an axe too but I forgot to photograph him with it. Grrr. I am sitting here deciding if I should wait to rephotograph him before posting, which would mean tomorrow, or just get on with it. Guess which one I went with.

10-15-lumberjack 3 - 1

10-15-lumberjack 3 - 2

10-15-lumberjack 3 - 5

He has a little wooden button belt buckle.

10-15-lumberjack 3 - 3

10-15-lumberjack 3 - 6

Lumberjack in cotton

Wow, it has been a long while since I finished a doll. I have lots in motion but my goal for today was to get one finished up. And, success!

9-17-lumberjack 1 - 1

This lumberjack is made of all cotton fabrics. I know, not exactly crazy times, but the others have been made of wool or a combo of cotton and wool. Using the cotton and wool fabrics together for the tattooed lumberjacks often led to problems with very uneven fabric stretchiness, which could mean men with very odd proportions. The lumberjacks I’ve sewed up so far are looking just fine!

9-17-lumberjack 1 - 2

9-17-lumberjack 1 - 3

9-17-lumberjack 1 - 5

9-17-lumberjack 1 - 4

9-17-lumberjack 1 - 6

I hope all you friends out there are safe from all the crazy weather. Here in the Boston area we had exploding houses which still is unexplained. Very, very strange. Also, if you are looking to enjoy a crafty self-care day, check out the classes I posted- Tiny Worlds, Owls. It will be a day of handmade fun.

another George Washington tattoo

8-12-man 3 - 1

I believe this toile is a reproduction from Colonial Williamsburg. It has lots of amazing imagery.

Green eyes-

8-12-man 3 - 2

8-12-man 3 - 4

8-12-man 3 - 3

8-12-man 3 - 1 (1)

Phew! I am now all caught up! My boxes from California were suppose to show up yesterday but nope. Once they have arrived, I will show what I have available over on Instagram and then start the tedious job of listing everything onto etsy. That will probably take several days. Well, I know what I’ll be doing this next week.

Blue Boots

I’m back, the show behind me, and I am going to take it slow for a while. I never finished posting the last dolls. So, here we go, 3 more fellows.

8-10-man 1 - 1

8-10-man 1 - 4

8-10-man 1 - 2

8-10-man 1 - 3

8-10-man 1 - 1 (1)

The show was not the best so I have lots of dolls to post into my etsy shop, once my boxes get home. On the positive side, it was great to leave the hot and humid Northeast and spend some time in a cool climate. I will post more about the show in a few days.

Summer Fox Girl

7-31-fox 2 - 1

She has a double gauze dress and a cashmere sweater.

7-31-fox 2 - 2

Her dress has frogs and lily pads.

7-31-fox 2 - 3

A close-up of her purse-

7-31-fox 2 - 2 (1)

and what is inside-

7-31-fox 2 - 4

You can’t see in the other photos, but the sweater has a lace trim at the neckline.

7-31-fox 2 - 3 (1)

7-31-fox 2 - 1 (1)