Big man in browns

4:10:tattoo man 5a

It isn’t really obvious from the pics but he is lots of browns- his boots, the toile, his hair.

4:10:tattoo man 5b

The tattoos on his chest are a fox hunt I think, with men, horses and dogs. I like the 3 faces here-

4:10:tattoo man 5c

The back is a river scene.

4:10:tattoo man 5d

And here he is on the porch. You can see that I am putting out some of my pots that have semi-hardy plants. It is beginning to feel like Spring even though there is still some snow piles around.

4:10:tattoo man 5e


tattooed men again- colors!

4:5:tattooman 1a

The first time I used this type of fabric, I wasn’t sure if I was comfortable getting away from the classic toile tattoos. In the end, I decided it was great. So much so that I ordered a bunch more and dyed it up, including some ladies. Now, I am finally getting the men put together.

4:5:tattooman 1b

Here is a slightly out-of-focus shot where you can see the color of his beard.

4:5:tattooman 1c

He has a big antique shell button for his belt buckle.

4:5:tattooman 1d

4:5:tattooman 1e

4:5:tattooman 1f

And yes, there is still some snow but really, not very much.

4:5:tattooman 1h

Grey Herringbone kitty

3:23:kitty 6a

I didn’t start out to make all these kitties be girls. I traced out my pattern and drew lines to make the “shirt” piece. When I sewed them up and stuffed them, the shirt ended up looking too short for a boy kitty- there sort of needed to be a skirt. Next time I cut these out, I will adjust the pattern pieces.

3:23:kitty 6b

3:23:kitty 6c

3:23:kitty 6d