Lumberjack time

Back in November, when I was trying to cram my shop for the Holiday season, I got started on a group of lumberjacks. During that crazy time of the year, I cannot go on a super focused journey doing just one design, like I just did with all the foxes. People actually want a selection in my shop! So, anyway, I have 3 lumberjacks that got put aside last fall and I am finishing up now!

Here is #1-

2-9-lumberjack 1 - 1 (1)

He has George Washington on his chest and eagles on his forearms. He also has an axe over his shoulder.

2-9-lumberjack 1 - 1 (3)

I love how his hair looks like he is being blown in a hurricane.

2-9-lumberjack 1 - 1

And how about those fancy embroidered suspenders!

2-9-lumberjack 1 - 1 (2)

fox girl, fancy coat

2-5-foxgirl2 - 1

She has a fancy wool coat made of Liberty of London peacock print. The fabric was a shawl/scarf that I wore for years until wear and moths indicated it was time for it to have a new life.

2-5-foxgirl2 - 1 (2)

And she has a silk ribbon bow.

2-5-foxgirl2 - 1 (1)

Her dress is baby wale corduroy and is also my new fox dress design. I am thinking I might want to make something along the same lines for me!

2-5-foxgirl2 - 1 (4)

2-5-foxgirl2 - 1 (3)

Her coat is excellent camouflage!

Yesterday when I was taking photos, the temp was in the high 50′s. Today, snow.

fox girl in teal

Three more fox girls and then on to the next thing. Wow- 6 solid weeks of foxes for me. I think I’ve got them out of my system for now.

A fox girl in teal with a bunny in her basket!

2-4-foxgirl1 - 1

I love how the teal and green look against the orange and rusty brown herringbone wool.

2-4-foxgirl1 - 1 (1)

I used some of my antique lace. It can be a push to get over the too-precious-to-use syndrome.

2-4-foxgirl1 - 1 (2)

This is a new design dress that I’ve been working on- no waist gathering. I like how it has sort of a 60′s vibe.

2-4-foxgirl1 - 1 (4)

2-4-foxgirl1 - 1 (3)

Hi little bunny!

2-4-foxgirl1 - 1 (5)

sometimes I get an idea

Sometimes an idea pops into my head and I follow it and then… stop. Idea- a fox in a kilt. Sounds like fun! After the kilt was made and on, I came to a crashing halt because I couldn’t figure out what should come next. I tried lots of things that didn’t work- a nice sweater made my fellow look like a preppy lady fox. A bulky sweater was just as off. A jacket? no. A wool vest? nope. I now had a nice pile of reject clothing that will find other foxes that suit them better. And I put him aside as I finished up the foxes for my window display. But, this week, he was back on the work table. I tried to shut of the critical/judging part of my brain and move forward with him. That is how this rather silly but takes-himself-oh-so-seriously fox came to life.

1-23-fox 4 - 1

He makes me think of a mountain man/fox, a hermit, or a wanderer. When I work on my characters, I ask them, Who are you? I am not really sure with this one.

1-23-fox 4 - 1 (1)

1-23-fox 4 - 1 (2)

1-23-fox 4 - 1 (4)

1-23-fox 4 - 1 (3)

I will be putting this weeks foxes into my etsy shop today.

fox girl and bunny

1-22-fox 3 - 1

1-22-fox 3 - 1 (1)

1-22-fox 3 - 1 (2)

1-22-fox 3 - 1 (4)

1-22-fox 3 - 1 (5)

1-22-fox 3 - 1 (3)

I know I’ve talked about my connection to fabrics before somewhere, but in case you forgot ;-)

I love using fabrics that hold memories for me. I still have lots of fabric from my mom. I have fabrics that were gifts. I have fabrics that I purchased while traveling. This sweet little girl fox is wearing 2 memories for me- her shawl and a Liberty print dress. The shawl fabric was acquired on my first trip to Minneapolis, recorded here on my blog. Wow, that was a long time ago! I bought the Liberty fabric in San Francisco on my first (and only) visit to Britex. I was spending some quality shopping time with Sonya. And while I was sewing, I was remembering my travels.

1-22-fox 3 - 1 (6)