Beards Rock

Beards Rock by Sarah, La Barbiere de Paris

I received an amazing surprise in the mail- this absolutely beautiful book!

11-20-beards rock - 2

And I am beyond thrilled to be included in it!

11-20-beards rock - 1 (2)

I get a certain number of email requests to participate in projects and I never know if it will be fantastic or a big zero. I usually decide to do them based on a whim- does the email sound friendly, knowledgeable and respectful of my time and artwork? Then I will probably say yes. Mostly, I spend some hours answering questions and collecting photographs, send them off, then never hear or see anything again. But, THIS BOOK! Awesome! I am honored to be part of this group of artists-

11-20-beards rock - 1

I’ve taken a few pics of some of my favorite pages-

This fellow, so classic and perfect inspiration for one of my fellows.

11-20-beards rock - 1 (1)

11-20-beards rock - 2 (1)

11-20-beards rock - 3

The flower beards!

11-20-beards rock - 4

Each artist gets a little biography, answers a few questions and then has several pages of photographs/illustrations. The author of the book is identified as Sarah, Barber of Paris. She is apparently one of the few professional women barbers in France. It is a big, coffee table type book and so much fun to page through. It is going to give me loads of ideas for future men with beards.

This is an affiliate Amazon link if you are inspired to buy it. There is also a set of postcards with images from the book. I haven’t seen them though and don’t know if one of my images is included.


Bright Girl Fox

11-17-fox girl 1 - 1

She is adorable! I have been looking forward to using this Liberty fabric, ever since I bought it last Spring. It is perfect colors for and orange fox girl.

11-17-fox girl 1 - 2

She has an incredibly soft and fuzzy cashmere sweater to wear on top.

11-17-fox girl 1 - 4

Close-up of her purse-

11-17-fox girl 1 - 3

And here, open-

11-17-fox girl 1 - 7

11-17-fox girl 1 - 6

11-17-fox girl 1 - 5

Mushroom Hunter Fox

A well-fed mushroom hunter-

11-16-fox mushrooms - 1

He is dressed and ready for an afternoon in the forest. He has his backpack/collecting bag on his back.

11-16-fox mushrooms - 1 (2)

What is in his bag? So far it has been a good day-

11-16-fox mushrooms - 1 (5)

11-16-fox mushrooms - 1 (1)

11-16-fox mushrooms - 1 (3)

He is made of a reclaimed wool sweater and as is common with many of the knits, he ended up being quite a chubby fellow once he was stuffed and finished. I love the variety of shapes and sizes that I get by using a range of fabrics.

11-16-fox mushrooms - 1 (4)

Lumberjack fox

I’ve been imagining this fellow for a long while so when I got back to the foxes, he was the first that I wanted to finish up.

11-15-fox lumberjack - 1 (3)

He had to wear the lumberjack classic red and black buffalo plaid, of course!

11-15-fox lumberjack - 1

And there is his axe, stored in his backpack.

11-15-fox lumberjack - 1 (2)

11-15-fox lumberjack - 1 (1)

All his clothing and accessories are removable. He has his hatchet, a pear, and a handkerchief, stowed in the backpack.

11-15-fox lumberjack - 1 (4)

11-15-fox lumberjack - 1 (5)

Big Man Merman

10-27-tattoo man 8 - 1

A new merman with skeletons. This month has been a lot of men with skeleton tattoos!

I got a new IPhone last weekend and am blown away by the amazing camera. I took photos with the phone and also with my Canon EOS Rebel and the phone pics were so much better. So, some of these photos were taken with the new phone and someĀ  with my SLR.

10-27-tattoo man 8 - 1 (1)

And here is the back side of his hair-

10-27-tattoo man 8 - 1 (4)

10-27-tattoo man 8 - 1 (5)

10-27-tattoo man 8 - 1 (2)

10-27-tattoo man 8 - 1 (3)

10-27-tattoo man 8 - 1 (6)

btw- this is #100 doll of 2017!