Tentacle Merman

Some more fantastic fabric! This tail fabric originally had a cream background and I over-dyed it in a bunch of different merman colors. Hopefully you will be seeing some soon!

It also has some metallic print although it is not as obvious as in the other merman.

You can kind of see the metallic here in the dots and the petal shapes.

Here is a close-up of his amazing hair-

He also sold at the show.

Man #100

This is the 100th doll of 2022. I keep count over here if you are interested. The count doesn’t include the Tiny World pincushions, just the stuffed things!

He is a sepia man- all browns like an old photo.

I’m won’t be adding anything into my etsy shop until after the Paradise City Arts Festival, so I will be adding the new pieces right before Thanksgiving.