Black Cat, Liberty Dress

Just like it is really hard to photograph a black cat, the same is true for a black kitty doll!

She has some 3-hole antique buttons on her cardigan.

I bought this Liberty lawn fabric at the beginning of the pandemic when everything shut down- doing some retail therapy. I’m not sorry 😆 It is hard to see but the dress has a tie in the back. Also, a sweet lacy edge on the neck and the hem.

Aqua Kitty Girl

It’s black cat time. First up is this sweet kitty with a fuzzy white nose. She is wearing a dark aqua angora sweater with a ruffle at the lower hem. Her skirt is made from some 70’s Laura Ashley fabric. And yes, it has been in my fabric stash since that time!

She has a beaded necklace with a cat face. It matches her outfit beautifully. Her nose and her sweater both have angora in them- it makes sort of a halo of fuzz.


This fellow was a very special order to memorialize a very special kitty friend.

Apparently he was a super cat so of course he needed a super hero cape and mask.

Underneath he has his everyday normal cat (very Clark Kent-ish) disguise.

Here are the things in his briefcase. I’m not sure that the cape would fit in there but I can pretend.

This was a fun project. OrangeMan- 2002- 2022. May he enjoy his forever Celestial Tea Party.

Oh that Purple Hair!

I love to play with unconventional hair colors with the mermen. After all, who knows what color hair they have?! This fine fellow is dark but will never be able to hide in the depths of the sea because of his colorful tail.

Still with the skeletons. I’m imagining all these skeletons partying at the bottom of the ocean.

His purple fins match his purple hair.

Merman #5

He is pretty similar to the last fellow- orange and green with the same fabric for his tail. This merman has peach skin though and his hair is a dark red. His eyes are sage green.

Lots and lots of skeletons on a sunken boat.

Blue Merman

I’ve been working on all the different stages of mermen. I have a few sewed up and ready to finish. I will post them as I get them done. I also cut out a whole lot of new mermen bodies (and also some other fellows) and I’m in the middle of dyeing them up. Here is the first merman finished-

I am excited about some new African Wax Print fabrics that I bought recently- I think they will make amazing merman tails.

His blue “skin” is a bit mottled but I decided that was fine for a merman. I just love the fish!

And then there were owls

These are the last of the pieces that didn’t get posted before the show.

2 Snowy owls,

2 black, gray, and white owls,

and 3 more with brown in them. These are the ones that are left after the show.

I am working hard to get everything listed into my etsy shop– hopefully I will have that done by the end of today.

Here are some nature pics :-)