Where to find me these days

I am going to do one sale this Autumn- Art Providence, November 8 – 10. That is less than 1 month away so that is what I am currently working toward.


There is a Friday evening event and then Saturday and Sunday. I will have 4 free admission tickets available so email me if you are interested (mimik@pobox.com). I also have a code for discount tickets if the free tickets get claimed. Here is the deal-

Get $2 off per ticket to the Art Providence Show when you pre-purchase on-line!  Go to https://bit.ly/2pRJJDQ.  After clicking “Select A Date” and preferred “Tickets” button, click Enter Promo Code at the top of the screen.  Enter the code ARTIST19.  Click Apply.  Tickets will change to $8 apiece.  Choose quantity and check out.  Receive e-mail confirmation of tickets ordered and present this at the Box Office for admission into the Art Providence Show.

The other place to see my work in person will be at the Society of Arts and Crafts in Boston, in a show called Child’s Play. The show will run from November 21 (Opening Reception 6pm to 9pm) to January 18, 2020.

Pause here for photos of dolls :-)

10-15-girls - 2

I mostly hanging out online if you want to keep up with what I am doing. Obviously you know I have this blog (mimikirchner.com) but did you know that you can get all the posts delivered right to your email box by clicking on the subscribe button in the top right-hand corner of my homepage?

10-15-girls - 3

I am most active on my Instagram account and most of those posts go directly to my Facebook business page. I have a twitter account but I rarely post.

I sell my work through my Etsy shop but I also sell quite a few pieces directly from the blog or Instagram. If you see something you like, email me or message me and I can send you details. It doesn’t commit you to anything, it just gives you first refusal for when the piece is finished.

Is there anything else you’d like to know? I always love hearing from you!

10-15-girls - 1

Girl in a red dress

This is the last girl doll for now. She is another girl wearing everyday clothes, the kind that she’d wear to school or a day with friends.

10-14-school girl - 4

10-14-school girl - 5

10-14-school girl - 2

She has a nice cashmere sweater to fancy things up. Her bookbag has her school necessities.

10-14-school girl - 1

10-14-school girl - 2 (1)

I love this dress. I’d definitely wear one like it.

10-14-school girl - 3

10-14-school girl - 1 (1)

I will be putting these up on etsy tomorrow but is you see one that you are interested in, email me at mimik@pobox.com. The girls are $500 ea, free shipping.

Little Girl Adventure Day

10-13-girl walker - 1

A lot of the girl dolls I make are all dressed up and ready to party. Sometimes It’s fun to dress for the messy, get-your-feet-dirty times. I gave this sweet girl clothing that will take her out for a day of adventuring.

10-13-girl walker - 2

10-13-girl walker - 3

10-13-girl walker - 4

She has a day pack with some fun-day essentials.

10-13-girl walker - 6

10-13-girl walker - 5

Here is what she looks like under her shirt- a white onesie.

10-13-girl walker - 7

10-13-girl walker - 1 (1)

Little Witch

10-4-little witch - 1

Very seasonal for October, right? You may or may not know that I listen to audio when I work; mostly audiobooks but also podcasts. I recently listened to a fantasy book, Strange Practice by Vivian Shaw, and loved it. The main character is Greta and she is described as very pale with white blond hair. The descriptions in books can get caught up in the spiderweb that is my brain and appear in whatever I am working on.

10-4-little witch - 2

10-4-little witch - 4

10-4-little witch - 6

She is wearing a dark grey cashmere sweater with antique knitted lace at the collar and a fancy antique button. She has a grey lacy scarf knotted around her neck.

10-4-little witch - 3

10-4-little witch - 8

Her bag is full of important things- notebooks, mushrooms, coins.

10-4-little witch - 7

10-4-little witch - 5

Girl Time

What have I been doing? Working on some girls! I am putting together 8 but plan to get 4 finished up for now- and by that I mean before my next show. Next show you ask? I will be returning to the Arts Providence Show this November 8- 10.

Working on faces-

10-4-girls - 1 Baldies!

10-4-girls - 2

And 4 with hair-dos.

10-4-girls - 3

While I work towards a show, I don’t usually put new things into my etsy shop. If you see something go by that you are interested in, email me and I can give you all the details.

It is really Autumn here now and I took the air conditioner out of my studio window today. There are frost warnings in the outer suburbs but it is unlikely to reach me. I hope to have lots more weeks of dahlias to enjoy!

Blond Girl with Bows

I got sick. Such bad timing because I had a million things on my list that I wanted to get finished before I leave for Washington DC next Monday. Instead I am moving at snail speed and hoping to get my voice back and stop coughing before I have to spend a week away from home. Sometimes life just happens, right?

This little girl got finished and photographed. Twice actually… I mean I thought I was finished, took photos and then decided I was not happy. I worked on her face, gave her new hair, and made some bows. Now I am happy!

4-17-girl 3 - 1

4-17-girl 3 - 2

Someone on my Facebook feed posted a photo of a group of kids and one of them had a cowlick. That is her hair inspiration.

4-17-girl 3 - 4

4-17-girl 3 - 3

4-17-girl 3 - 6

4-17-girl 3 - 5

A Little Girl Time

Making the girl dolls is the opposite of the fish- the fish are a fun and fast project and take no time to finish once I’ve chosen colors and sewed them up. The girls take lots of time and so many decisions. It’s good to mix it up.

4-12-girl 1 - 2

I bought that blue dress fabric to make myself a shirt (which I haven’t done yet), but she claimed it first! I think there is still enough left for me.

4-12-girl 1 - 4

4-12-girl 1 - 3

4-12-girl 1 - 5

4-12-girl 1 - 7

4-12-girl 1 - 1

4-12-girl 1 - 6