Blond Girl with Bows

I got sick. Such bad timing because I had a million things on my list that I wanted to get finished before I leave for Washington DC next Monday. Instead I am moving at snail speed and hoping to get my voice back and stop coughing before I have to spend a week away from home. Sometimes life just happens, right?

This little girl got finished and photographed. Twice actually… I mean I thought I was finished, took photos and then decided I was not happy. I worked on her face, gave her new hair, and made some bows. Now I am happy!

4-17-girl 3 - 1

4-17-girl 3 - 2

Someone on my Facebook feed posted a photo of a group of kids and one of them had a cowlick. That is her hair inspiration.

4-17-girl 3 - 4

4-17-girl 3 - 3

4-17-girl 3 - 6

4-17-girl 3 - 5

A Little Girl Time

Making the girl dolls is the opposite of the fish- the fish are a fun and fast project and take no time to finish once I’ve chosen colors and sewed them up. The girls take lots of time and so many decisions. It’s good to mix it up.

4-12-girl 1 - 2

I bought that blue dress fabric to make myself a shirt (which I haven’t done yet), but she claimed it first! I think there is still enough left for me.

4-12-girl 1 - 4

4-12-girl 1 - 3

4-12-girl 1 - 5

4-12-girl 1 - 7

4-12-girl 1 - 1

4-12-girl 1 - 6


Garden Lady Dog

3-22-dog 7 - 2

You can tell she is a gardener because she has a gardening hat and a basket ;-)

3-22-dog 7 - 1

And her linen jacket with big pockets.

3-22-dog 7 - 3

3-22-dog 7 - 5

The tiny buttons going up the front of her shirt are only for show. The shirt closes with snaps.

3-22-dog 7 - 6

3-22-dog 7 - 1 (1)

Not much gardening to be done around here yet.

3-22-dog 7 - 4