Greenman 2

12-5-greenman 2 - 1

This fellow has much woodsier tattoos. Both of these Greenmen were cut from the same fabric. It is all about choosing which images go where.

12-5-greenman 2 - 2

12-5-greenman 2 - 5

12-5-greenman 2 - 3

12-5-greenman 2 - 4

12-5-greenman 2 - 6

12-5-greenman 2 - 8

Here is the real life, behind-the-scenes, photo-making yesterday. I’ve got to make it work after 3 days of wet and snowy weather! I will put these fellows into my etsy shop later today.

12-5-greenman 2 - 7

Greenman 1

12-4-greenman 1 - 1

This Greenman’s tattoos are of a Stag hunt- maybe not the most appropriate imagery for a nature spirit? Oh well, I am going to imagine that the stag escape and lived to a ripe old age.

12-4-greenman 1 - 2

12-4-greenman 1 - 5

I bought some new variegated threads from Sue Spargo and I am having fun trying them out.

12-4-greenman 1 - 3

12-4-greenman 1 - 4

12-4-greenman 1 - 7

12-4-greenman 1 - 6

12-4-greenman 1 - 8

Is there something you’d like?

I am a little at loose ends right now. I have lots of goodies in my shop and I’m not sure what to work on next so I thought I’d do a shout out. Is there something that you have been waiting for me to make? Something you would love to get for a gift for yourself or someone else? Remind me if you’ve asked in the past- I am not good at remembering what people ask for.

If you are not sure about my prices, go check out the shop to get the range. Email me with requests- I will let you know if it’ll be possible!

Some photos from Child’s Play

The opening for Child’s Play was excellent. The artwork is amazing, I have some new favorite artists, and there were lots of interesting people to talk to. I hope you get a chance to see the show! Here is a video-

And some specific pieces that I really liked. The pieces by Peter Thibeault were the ones I would have taken home if I could have sneaked them out.

A clock-

11-25-childs play - 4

And here is a close-up-

11-25-childs play - 5

Mr.and Mrs. Potato Head by Carol Bugarin. All the “parts” are glass.

11-25-childs play - 6

Girl With Jump Rope by Michael Stasiuk-

11-25-childs play - 7

These dinos (by Brett Kern) look like vinyl but are actually clay-

11-25-childs play - 1

And here are mine.

11-25-childs play - 2

There is lots of other great artwork but I somehow managed to miss photographing it. I will have to go back in a few weeks.

Big Man with Skeleton Horseman

Oops, I forgot to post this fellow that I finished up before I went to Providence! I’ve been distracted with the post show clean-up, getting everything listed into my etsy shop, and getting started on new things. Poor guy.

11-19-tattooman 2 - 1

11-19-tattooman 2 - 2

11-19-tattooman 2 - 3

I love this skeleton fabric!

11-19-tattooman 2 - 4

11-19-tattooman 2 - 5

I was planning on focusing on some new animals once I was back from the Providence show- cats, foxes, dogs, but somehow got distracted and I’ve been putting together and sewing up a big pile of men. To explain that further, I had the body parts dyed, cut out, and had most of the head-to-body and hand-to-arm sewing done. I needed to decide and cut out the trousers/tights/pants and shoes/boots, styles and colors. Then sew them up. There are so many steps. Here is my pile so far. These fellows will get finished up over the next year or so.

11-19-tattooman 2 - 1 (1)