Big Circus Man

5-30-man 1 - 1

I’m continuing to work on pieces that were part-way finished before I left for Washington at the end of April. It makes me feel as though I am actually accomplishing something when I am being distracted by lots of other things like the garden and clothes-making. There are never enough hours in the day.

5-30-man 1 - 2

A very complicated scene on his chest (and arms and back).

5-30-man 1 - 3

5-30-man 1 - 4

5-30-man 1 - 5

5-30-man 1 - 6

3 Owls

I made some owls this weekend. These 3 were all ready to go- I’d cut out all the pieces before the DC show but ran out of time to finish them. I only had to do the most fun part- stitching all the pieces in place!

I think of this one as my 70′s owl. I might have had some pants made of that brown plaid in 1970, or at least something very similar!

5-27-owl 1 - 1

5-27-owl 1 - 2

5-27-3 owls - 2

This one has lots of great textures.

5-27-owl 2 - 1

5-27-owl 2 - 2

5-27-3 owls - 1

And lastly, this very serious fellow.

5-27-owl 3 - 2

I had fun with my variegated threads, stitching around his eyes.

5-27-owl 3 - 1

5-27-3 owls - 3

A Herringbone Dog

I received a very nice email asking me to reproduce a dog doll that they had bought from Land of Nod. She told me such a nice story about how much they loved it and how the old one had gotten destroyed by a new pup. I explained that it would be similar but not exactly the same and she was okay with that. And, here he is.

5-23-dog - 2

I was lucky because I had all the colors of wool that I needed!

5-23-dog - 4

5-23-dog - 3

5-23-dog - 1

5-23-dog - 5

Japanese Merman #4

This is the last of the mermen and today I am shipping them ALL off to Kansas City for Quilt Market. Three should be coming back home to me and then they will be available for sale ($375).

This fellow, no flowers. I focused on the dark.

5-14-merman 4 - 1

No back fin.

5-14-merman 4 - 4

He has a widow’s peak.

5-14-merman 4 - 2

5-14-merman 4 - 6

5-14-merman 4 - 5

5-14-merman 4 - 3

5-14-merman 4 - 1 (1)

5-14-merman 4 - 7

Japanese Merman #2

5-12-merman 2 - 1

This is the second of the choices for the “skin/tattoos”. I have no idea what any of that kanji means. This body pattern is the same as the first: small side fins and a back fin.

5-12-merman 2 - 7

5-12-merman 2 - 4

I tried something different for the hair.

5-12-merman 2 - 5

5-12-merman 2 - 6


5-12-merman 2 - 3

and back-

5-12-merman 2 - 8


5-12-merman 2 - 2

5-12-merman 2 - 9

Merman for Alexander Henry Fabrics

I was thrilled to be asked to make a merman to promote the Sirenas Del Mar mer-creature contest, sponsored by Alexander Henry Fabrics and Treasures of the Gypsy. Those links will take you to sites with info about the contest. Of course I can never make just one so I’ve been working on four. One of these fellows will make his debut at the Alexander Henry Fabrics Quilt Market booth in Kansas City! The inspiration for this mer-fellow is Japanese samurai.

First fellow-

5-11-merman 1 - 1

He has a Japanese landscape toile. You can see in this back view that he has a back fin.

5-11-merman 1 - 6

His hair is in a samurai/sumo style, tied at the top of his head. It was fun to work on figuring out a new hair style!

5-11-merman 1 - 4

5-11-merman 1 - 5

5-11-merman 1 - 7

His waist and side fins-

5-11-merman 1 - 3

and his tail-

5-11-merman 1 - 2

5-11-merman 1 - 8

More to come!

and then there were 2 owls

These were the last 2 dolls I finished before I left. The owls were very popular in DC, as long as they weren’t Snowy Owls- I have 5 of those still! You just never know what people will want.

5-2-owl 1 - 1

5-2-owl 1 - 2

5-2-owl 1 - 3

5-2-owl 2 - 1

5-2-owl 2 - 2

5-2-owl 2 - 3

I am getting back into the studio and I have a list of special requests and projects that will keep me busy through May. I am mulling over my experience in DC. Every time I go out into the world, show my work, interact with people, spend the big bucks to participate; I can’t help but reevaluate everything I am doing. I know I’ll get over it as soon as I am immersed in the work again. Right now though, I am hearing all the weird or negative visitor comments in my head. Many people don’t understand or respect the fiber arts and their comments reflect that.

Things I don’t need to hear-

I saw something exactly like this at a craft show I went to last week.

I used to make dolls exactly like these 20 years ago.

My mom makes Raggedy Anns.

Can you donate one of your dolls to my cause.

And so many more, Oh well, time to get back to work!