Cowboy Dog

Some treasures are being uncovered as I clean out the attic. I found this awesome 80/90’s cowboy fabric and figured it was time to make a cowboy dog. Then I uncovered a box of leather pieces and the plan came together.

I yearned for a fringed vest or jacket as a teen. I thought they were SO cool 🤣

He has a snack in his bag.

The cowboy hat was what I was most worried about but I’m very happy with how it turned out.

He has “surprised” ears!

A Lady Gardening Dog

She has a sunhat, a gardening apron, and a basket of flowers. Also, a soft cashmere sweater and a garden journal.

I’m having fun with the hats again. I wanted a better way to keep them on the doggie heads and I figured out I can Make a loop around the ears. More hats ahead!

She has a flowery Liberty lawn shirt. Her basket is filled with little (cloth) flowers, mostly from vintage hats.

Inspired by Jasper

This is Jasper and he has been inspiring all these black kitties.

He is such a sweetheart. He is very attached to me so I call him my familiar 🧙‍♀️!

Here is an artsy looking black cat- I am sure this outfit would look amazing on Jasper.

Lots of bright colors on this fellow.

Black Cat, Liberty Dress

Just like it is really hard to photograph a black cat, the same is true for a black kitty doll!

She has some 3-hole antique buttons on her cardigan.

I bought this Liberty lawn fabric at the beginning of the pandemic when everything shut down- doing some retail therapy. I’m not sorry 😆 It is hard to see but the dress has a tie in the back. Also, a sweet lacy edge on the neck and the hem.

Aqua Kitty Girl

It’s black cat time. First up is this sweet kitty with a fuzzy white nose. She is wearing a dark aqua angora sweater with a ruffle at the lower hem. Her skirt is made from some 70’s Laura Ashley fabric. And yes, it has been in my fabric stash since that time!

She has a beaded necklace with a cat face. It matches her outfit beautifully. Her nose and her sweater both have angora in them- it makes sort of a halo of fuzz.


This fellow was a very special order to memorialize a very special kitty friend.

Apparently he was a super cat so of course he needed a super hero cape and mask.

Underneath he has his everyday normal cat (very Clark Kent-ish) disguise.

Here are the things in his briefcase. I’m not sure that the cape would fit in there but I can pretend.

This was a fun project. OrangeMan- 2002- 2022. May he enjoy his forever Celestial Tea Party.

What’s Going on Mimi?

It’s summer and it is hot here in Boston. Time for an update.

Things are slow in my studio these days and there is a reason for that. Husband and I will be moving to Chicago next Spring (tentative schedule) now that my 3 kids are all there. It is time for us to sort through all the stuff. We have lived in this house for 34 years and there is a LOT. I am spending less time in my studio and more time culling. Even when I am sewing, my brain is busy thinking about this near future. It has been very distracting. I will be doing the November Paradise City Show, but there is nothing else on the schedule. When the New Year starts, I will probably being packing up my studio. I have no idea at this point when I will be getting back to work but obviously will let everyone know.

Of course now that we will be leaving Boston, I have a bunch of someday items that I want to check off my list. The first one happened this week! We took the ferry to Provincetown and spent a few days. It was so much fun!

Now it’s time to get these kitties dressed. It is very hot here and my studio has got the AC so that will help inspire me 😁