the spread- month 3

Here’s my paperbag book spread, artwork glued in place, pocket filled with swag.

Ellia‘s theme was time (not having enough of it I think!) and all I could think of is how fast time goes by when the babies are little. And then they are grown up.


Ellia is ready to have her second baby any minute now so all her pages are baby themed. She won’t be getting her book back until the baby is several months old though!

This is a view from the side- the book is very fat. And is now half done.


A little bird bead for pulling out some treasures-


and I love how Theresa’s crying baby clip peeks out of the top of the book!


The photos aren’t great because the weather and the sun aren’t cooperating when I need perfect photo light- so I had to take these with artificial light- not the way I like to do it. Now I need to go find a box to pack it up and send it on to Kristen.

4 thoughts on “the spread- month 3

  1. Hi Mimi,
    What a fantastic gift! Such a treasure of love! We just adopted our two foster babies that we have had since birth. Eliza and Joel are 16 and 18 months old now. I love all the wonderful things people give when you have and adopt babies, but I must say the ones that I hold most dear are the ones that are hand made. That is so personal. I am sure Ellia will feel the same way.
    Have a wonderful blessed Easter!

  2. it’s all amazing mimi..truly. can’t wait to get my hands on it i hope to be done with Theresa’s before it gets here though…but as usual…running behind.

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