Paper dolls

I’m working on my paperbag swag for March- it’s gonna be a little late. I am working on Ellia’s book. A fun part of participating in a project like this, is that it gives me a chance or a place to try out ideas, techniques, materials, that don’t seem to fit in with the regular artwork I’m doing.

This month I’ve made a magnetic paper doll. I was able to get a magnetic sheet- adhesive on one side- at my local art/craft store. It is like the magnets that are a business card and you stick on your fridge. I would have been happier with a stronger magnet but this was what they had. Here is my paper doll page-


Baby has a blanket and a closet. Open the closet-


Here is everything, all spread out-


And now, the fashion show. Here is Baby-


And here is her sailor dress-


an outfit for the hot summer days-


a bunny sleeper for going out on a cool night-


and a pretty dress to visit grandma-


Well, I was having a great time playing with her anyway! It made me remember paper dolls of my childhood. I remember a drawer full. I liked cutting them out. I liked trying on the dresses. I didn’t like the tabs though- frustrating to cut and they didn’t really hold the dress on. Then they got put in the drawer where they got wrinkled and mixed up with other paper dolls and all the clothes and what a mess! I don’t think I ever played with them more then once each.

Tomorrow I will show the rest of the spread. I’ve got to go figure out my pocket full of swag…

14 thoughts on “Paper dolls

  1. I too had (and still have actually!) a grand collection of paper dolls that my sisters and I played with for hours. One particular set actually came with holes in their bodies and their clothes and we would attach their clothes on them using yarn. Good times.
    The magnet idea is great and the fact that you can utilize real fabric certainly adds a new dimension to the whole thing. Fun stuff!

  2. I love these! So funny! I love how the baby’s head is nice and big and so happy and friendly. This series really made me smile.

  3. Oh that is amazing! I have got to look out for that stuff. Love the outfits and the blanket. Tutorial? More making hours in the day?

  4. OMG – childhood memoris! I LOVED paperdolls but had the same frustrations with the clothes falling off! We mayhave to make the magnetic version over spring break!!


  5. These are just the cutest little paperdoll babies that I’ve ever seen Mimi!!! I wanted to make paperdolls using the magnet sheets for a very long time. But of course I’ve never got around to it. You’re always a great source of inspiration! :-)

  6. forever clever you are…who would have thought to eliminate those awful tabs (i always hated them too) and come up with a magnectic version for the paper dolls. this is so adorable. love all your outfits :)

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