the last present is finished

It is another lap blanket for our cold house. This one is made of Ben’s old Pendleton shirts- which, of course, I could never throw away. They are all wool.

When I pulled them out of the closet, there were 9 of them in 8 plaids. They were discarded because of moths and worn elbows and various other issues that I needed to be aware of while I cut out the pieces.

I was going to use a pieces of plain wool fabric for the back but couldn’t find anything in my stash that seemed like a good match. Instead, I used large pieces of what I had left- which was still quite a bit! Most of the big pieces were from the backs of the shirts and were in excellent condition.

It is a 3 layer quilt- I used an old wool blanket for a batting and it is very heavy. I’m not sure how functional it is going to be but we’ll see. I did the minimal quilting by hand. I sewed 2 of the labels into the corners of the back. I have 7 more and thought about sewing them randomly all over the back but I controlled myself.

I made this quilt the same way I did this one. I am going to do another post about how it all went together- I remembered to take the pictures!

11 thoughts on “the last present is finished

  1. looks not only warm and wonderful but hmmm pendleton! my favorite antique is a pendleton blanket. you did a wonderful job mimi!

  2. Oh, Pendelton wool shirts! When I worked at Deerskin Trading Post as a teenager, we would sell them like crazy! My grandfather wore them. I wish I still had his. Only I am not sure a quilt with wool on both sides and in the middle would get much use here in Georgia!
    I think your quilt is beautiful.

  3. Oh Mimi! I have a bunch of wool Pendletoon shirts, thanks to Zack, who when he lived in Portland Oregon would visit the of thrift stores there and find Pendleton shirts for $5. He’d share them, and I sometimes share them with Jake. I think I once posted a collage of the plaids I have. Well, I wish I felt like either offering them to you or copying you, but I can’t, because they are great early fall through late spring jackets in my zone.

  4. What a great idea! I think maybe it would work with flannel plaid shirts as well, just not be as warm. Photographing it on the snow seems to emphasize how cozy it must be!

  5. Idon’t know what Pendelton wool shirts are,sorry… but it’s look very attractive, I Feel warm from this ” blanket,pled or…” how to say?stortly,it’s very,very.very nice! (:(:(:

  6. One of the many, many things I like about your work is that you salvage things that have finished one life, and you give them another. I could feel your influence in November, when my husband got bucked off a horse and broke his wrist in nine pieces. At the hospital, when they cut off his soft, cotton knit shirt, I had the wicked thought, “Oh boy! I can have it now for my dolls.” You are definitely an influence, Mimi. I’ll leave it to you to decide if it’s a good one or a bad!

  7. Wish I had a blanket like that to stay warm, especially at work. I like the crazy patchwork look and am willing to bet you some day may incorporate a doll in one of your quilts!

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