and a bunch more guys

Three more men in vintage bathing suits, one sepia tone. I decided to wait and post these as a batch instead of one at a time, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday… seems like that would be repetitive and boring. I think that the sepia fellow looks odd with the other 2. I took loads of photos and was not satisfied with any of them. He looks better when paired with his other sepia friend.

Here they are in the order I finished them in-




I recently got an updated version of WordPress. I hate trying to adjust to a new system. I get so frustrated, it makes me feel so stupid and  I am right back in 7th grade trying to memorize a french assignment. As far as I can tell, what I get for this aggravation is tags. What I have lost is understanding how to put pictures where I want them (among other things). So, I am sorry about how spread out everything looks- I couldn’t figure out how to put the long thin photos next to each other. I’ll probably figure it out in a year or so- right before the next upgrade. Whine, whine, whine….

11 thoughts on “and a bunch more guys

  1. I hate sounding like a broken record but these are my fav. dolls of yours yet! The colors, the details..!!!! Please submit these to Doll Quarterly or Martha or somewhere they can be widely seen..they’re so fantastic.

    I know how you fel about word press. Typepad has a new look/functions and trying to figure it out takes me back to last fall when I was trying to figure out how to work a blog. Pulling out hair an on the verge of tears. I empathize with you ;/

  2. these are so amazing mimi!! i love everything about them, from the colors to the details regarding the beards or mustaches!! so awesome.

    also, i understand your frustration. they updated typepad and it is just as difficult and confusing as your updated wordpress sounds. i like when programs do what i ask, i don’t like when they decide things for me. i can think just fine, i don’t need help, you know? anyway…

    i am so in love with these new dolls you have been making. keep up the awesome work!

  3. I’m not a regular reader, but I followed a link from Style On Track and these dolls are AMAZING. The facial hair, the fabric, the vintage bathing suits. And the sepia men look very happy together.

    (THE FACIAL HAIR!!! <3)

  4. I really like the sepia pirate and sepia man. I don’t think they look weird at all. Your stitched faces are wonderful. Is the fabric toille?

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  6. Mimi,
    I love your work. Your men are fab but those pincushions caught my eye too. Will keep watching as I am new here!! Hope Boston is a huge sucess!!!

  7. these are the best guys yet mimi – and i second abby’s comment on them holding hands.
    darling and so dapper.

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