sepia pirate

I’ve been thinking about some different ways of approaching the men dolls. I got this idea about old photos- black & white and sepia tones. And also trying some other characters- hence this pirate.

He is various shades of browns. It was harder then I expected to get the browns right.

Back views-

29 thoughts on “sepia pirate

  1. He’s fantastic, I like his cap and striped pants. The colors are great, they look like a weatherbeaten old sign.

  2. He’s great! I had the idea to dress up in all sepia tones for a Gatsby picnic. It’s good to know that it was challenging to get the right browns.

  3. He almost swaggers! Dashingly dangerous, that’s for sure. I love the toile you chose – I see he wears his gold doubloon already :)

  4. He is Fantastic! You are so talented! Love all the fabrics you used and the needlework on his face!!

  5. Watching the evolution of these dolls is fascinating! The sepia/black and white/photo idea is yet another brilliant direction in which you have taken the original idea. Very inspiring!

  6. The mustache & eyebrows are branching and wiry, the putto plump and curvy. I like the contrasts very much.

  7. I just love the contrast between his scary face and his more feminine and sweet “skin” with the cherubs! Your dolls are masterpieces every one!

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