Sepia Man

3:26:sepia man 1fHe isn’t really all browns but I worked off that idea.

3:26:sepia man 1gAnother amazing toile with loads of fun imagery including more castles. The challenge is to decide what to highlight.

3:26:sepia man 1b3:26:sepia man 1cI chose this natural color antique button instead of metal. And used dark browns where I might usually use black.

3:26:sepia man 1e3:26:sepia man 1h

sepia pirate

I’ve been thinking about some different ways of approaching the men dolls. I got this idea about old photos- black & white and sepia tones. And also trying some other characters- hence this pirate.

He is various shades of browns. It was harder then I expected to get the browns right.

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