5 thoughts on “5 girls

  1. I am just awestruck – by your industriousness and by the fact that you are able to part with your beautiful creations – If i could make these I would just look at them every day! They are just so inspiring. I even love the half-made ones with their funky stockings and cheerful tummies. Can’t wait to see them all done! t.x

  2. mimi, your dolls are always just so beautiful! and SO FULL of character… one day you will need to make mini booklets to include with them…. of their bio and birthdate and story- they may have american girl dolls but i think yours would be a wonderful series!!!! they are REALLY unique and original… and of course, so wonderfully made!!! did i ever tell you how much your tattoo guys were AWESOME?!

    btw, your swag will SOON make it home to you… i was stumped on you and theresa’s… theresa was a bit easier as i could send paper, but i don’t know if i have fabric you’d like… still, i hope what i do send will be fun :)

    hugs sweet mimi!!!

  3. oh, if only the kids didn’t need food and the car petrol and all those other dull things -(or if i got organised and actually sold some stuff myself). that sad girl would be coming to live with me. She is truly my favourite of all your creations Mimi. She makes my heart ache just little bit whenever I see her.

  4. Hi Mimi, it was so nice to meet you at the south end open studio. Your dolls are true art and you are just inspirational. There is so much love in your creativity – it makes me smile.

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