little witch

with orange hair.

Her cape fastens with an antique button.

and it is removable-

I made a “jelly roll” of 2 colors of wool for her hair curl.

and in these over-exposed photos, you can actually see the details in the black cashmere clothes-

11 thoughts on “little witch

  1. I just love her! She’s just the sort of witch I’d like to meet. I bet she lives in a lovely little cottage and casts spells to turn nasty little boys into frogs and annoying whiny girls into slugs. Even if it’s only until their mummy’s come to take them home again!! My kind of lady! t.x

  2. This is a wonderful little witch. It would be fun to own her and give her accessories like black cats and brooms and a nice kettle!

  3. Truly….she is beyond adorable. (Not to mention incredibly chic. I would love this outfit for me!) Your newest dolls are just so filled with personality and whimsy. Love this red head!!

  4. Wow, Mimi, these dolls just keep getting better and better! I love this one — the facial expresssion, the clothes, the stockings and especially her “jelly-roll” hair and the circular embellishments at the bottom of the dress. Great work!

  5. hello i’m a french girl and i just discovered your work.Yours dolls are so wonderful ,I love them all…Where could I find your work and your prices .Thanks a lot

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