the guy thing

I’ve always thought of myself as an artist with girl appeal. When I used to do pottery, my work was painted with images of women and children, mostly mirroring what was going on in my life. There would be open studios at the building I worked in and when couples came in, I would see the man’s eyes glaze over. When I started making dolls, it was pretty much the same. Probably even more so. After all, what is more girly then dolls? Then I started noticing a change. It started out with the robots… then the tikis, and now the tattooed men. When I started showing them in my booth, I would notice that men would come over to get a closer look. Even if they weren’t with a woman. Wow! Big changes!

Now that I am in my show season- pretty minimal by most artists’ schedule- 3 during the fall months, I’m thinking about making dolls especially to encourage a wider audience to look at my work. So, I finally finished up 2 tattooed guys for the market last weekend.

I had them hanging on my folding screen. The funniest thing- I saw a number of kids walk up to look at them, stare for a minute and then pose- mimicing the tattooed men. I loved it!

Anyway, I will be making a few more of these but they will probably be reserved for the shows I’ll be doing- October 12 and Dec. 13 and 14.

14 thoughts on “the guy thing

  1. Before you started making these men I had never seen anything like them. They are wonderful and I think I like them best of all your work. Please keep making them !!

  2. Oh get a picture of the children next time – I love pictures of children interacting with art! I firmly believe they are only doing what most adults would do if they thought no-one was watching! Watch those men closely – you might catch one having a quick pose! t.x

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  4. You know, I saw these earlier in the year when you started making them and I didn’t notice, but now I do….the toile is the tattoo!!!! How brilliant! I love these! Can you find a way to make something in there hands that resemble dumbells? That would be perfect, and give them ‘purpose’.

  5. You are absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!!I love love love all of your dolls wow…I am having a teaparty for my daughters birthday and hope to be able to use you pattern to make dolls for the girls. Fingers crossed!!!thanks for your amazing creations.

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