flower lady 2

I liked the flower design so much, I decided to do it again in a different color palette. This one looks like the night blooming version-

I love working with complementary colors.

When I decided to try this again, I thought it would go much faster the second time. Didn’t happen. I still had to argue with myself about the right colors and do the face 2 times before I was happy with her.

I had some fun taking photos and then I couldn’t decide which ones I liked best!


11 thoughts on “flower lady 2

  1. The doll is gorgeous…..Just had and idea for you…..the flowers remind me of Egyptian design….Ever thought of doing Queens of Egypt? I think they would suit your style and color palette.

  2. What a wonderful doll! The embroidery and applique is exquisite and I love the combination of colours, blue and orange/yellow, very nice. You did a great job on her face, I don’t know about you but I find it so difficult to get the stitches just right to suggest just the right expression… you’ve done great at getting her features symmetrical as well!

    What’s her name?

  3. Your second flower lady is just as wonderful as the first. Yes, I understand how it can take just as long, because each of your dolls has her own unique personality. Any chance of seeing a picture of them together? I’m most drawn to the pictures with no background, where everything is about the flower ladies! Robin A.

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