fairy tale girl

Her dress makes me think of fairy tales.

Maybe a Spanish or Latin American fairy tale.

Her dress is cashmere from the same sweater as the Autumn girl.

A bit of felt behind the button hole to stabilize it.

a little applique on the hem-

A top view of the felt roses in her hair.

It must be a good thing when I finish a doll and I think- How can I bear to part with it? That means I am truly happy with how it came out!

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13 thoughts on “fairy tale girl

  1. i check into your website every so often and watch with admiration how much you produce and the diversity. I love this doll, my mother was Spanish and it made me think of her. She reminds me of the Spanish ( i think) actress who acted in those westerns usually as a Mexican, I think that she also acted in a western series. Anyway she is beautiful and full of mystery.

  2. or Eastern European – sort of scary fairy tales always involving a lovely peasant girl in a pretty frock who overcomes all the baddies with her innocence and beauty! t.x

  3. The details is your work amazes me !! This girl is right up my alley with being a Fairy Tale Girl, I love fairies and all that goes along with them.

  4. Hmm… my favorite part of this doll is the ribbed waist on her lovely dress. No, I think it’s those wonderful striped socks. Maybe it’s the applique on her dress hem. No – it’s got to be those gorgeous black braids with the red roses at the top. Oh I give up! It’s the entire body of work. She’s just perfect, Mimi. *sigh*

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