21 thoughts on “more tiny worlds

  1. Oh, my goodness. Your pincushions are wonderful. You are a crafty genious. I love the way you have made this environment in a tea cup. I discovered your work in a post from Jenny B Harris’ blog. I look forward to seeing your other jems!

  2. These are so incredible! I wish that I had half the patience you must have to be able to make these beautiful works of art! You have truly inspired me to start up on my holiday crafts which I am far behind on!

    ~Amy Rose~

  3. What wonderful, imaginative pieces, beautiful too……………… I paint flowers in tea cups! They’re rather wonderful vessels for things aren’t they……………. but I think you have reached new heights with your use of the tea cup and saucer………………….

  4. I found your site through the Allsorts blog and I just love the teacup with the winter scene and house with path and snowman. I am a designer and I just finished a winter scene with lots of little houses on hills in a village with paths leading to the ice rink, trees, and snowmen. I would love to have one of those and the blue and white tea cup is my favorite, since my living room is blue and white. I am going to be posting the new winter banner on my blog come Dec 1 so you can see what I mean and how this looks so much like my painting. How darling. I love felt too!

    can you contact me about doing one for me?

    thanks so much, and have a nice thanksgiving!

    carol eldridge

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  7. Oh, indeed! I, too, would love to give your teacup worlds as gifts. Will you be making any more? (I would be willing to give an I.O.U. to my sister if you would have some available after the holidays.) Beautiful, just exquisite work.

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