robot- the other one

Here is the pair. The new robot is the dork robot. It is all about the plaid. The one on the left has plaid pants (uncool), high-waisted (hmm), bow-tie (dorky), pocket with pocket protector (oh please!), well, you know… Now the robot on the right, who looks as if he fears that by sitting too close he will catch something- he’s got a plaid jacket (so debonair), slim gray trousers to show-off his long roboty legs, brass buttons, a smirk, and a snazzy pocket square shaped pressure indicator on his chest… isn’t he so handsome.

Maybe I have been reading too much Mr. Peacock. Should a middle-aged, fashion challenged, Boston (frumpiest city in America) lady even be reading that blog!? There is a lot of fantastic plaid over there. But, the fascination with plaid started before I started reading a fashion site for men… There was the plaid blanket I finished in January. And my brother scanned a load of childhood photos and sent me a disc- I swear it was all plaid, all the time from the 1950’s through the 1970’s. All that input had to spill out somewhere!

So here is robot #2 in this series. The Dork.

long and spidery but not as much as robot 1.

I often redo faces. I make a doll, sit back, maybe even wait a day and then decide that I am not satisfied. Off with the old face and try something new. Yesterday’s face- right before I snipped it off-

17 thoughts on “robot- the other one

  1. Faces dement me. They can look so good or go sooo wrong. I cannot pick a favourite , although I kinda feel sorry for the dorky one, but I bet there is some library type robot out there who would love his plaid pants.

  2. Fear not! The high waisted pant is on the return!! I do believe that he is way ahead in the fashion stakes & not quite as dorky as he is letting on… I think he’s quite cool actually! Especially with safety pins for eyebrows and a smile that shows that he knows what’s going on, but he wont let it get to him! Great making Mimi!!

  3. They’re fabulous! My husband works with computers and is constantly coming back with interesting little fan guards and brackets. I find them in his pockets when I’m doing the washing and stash them away for a rainy day. I should send them to you!

  4. they’ re beautiful… my favorite is the one that looks so upset (to say the least!!). I love the legs too, of both… and all the tiny details… they (you) are amazing… thank you

  5. hi mimi, i found you through a post at lilla rogers’s blog (my rep). Your work is so much fun, it’s fabulous, imaginative…wow, glad to have found it!

  6. Mimi, the new robots are great. I love the zipper mouth and I hope you’ll give it

    another try. It’s really interesting, as are almost all your ideas. Lyn

  7. Wow – just got here on Jodie’s recommendation and I love your work! The things you do with , well, regular buckles and fasteners and fabric! Who would’ve thought there were those gorgeous little people hiding in there, waiting to be given life! That robot’s pants/trousers! Made me grin so big.

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