school girl

this girl has just about the opposite look of the last one although they might be friends once they get to college.

She has a lot of pieces. A brown wool skirt, a wool coat, scarf and hat, and a school bag with a buckle and button closures.

Her skirt comes off too.

The coat-

I had a hard time figuring out how to finish the coat. It would have been easy to spend a week on it or make it so bulky that it wouldn’t fit on our girl. I ended up finishing the edge seams with wool felt. It worked pretty well. I made the coat close with thread loops- I am sure that isn’t the right name for them but I am coming up blank and getting no help from google.

Here is a side view- thought you might be interested. I don’t usually photograph this angle but thought she looked very determined.

And here is a back view.

and one last picture- in the garden-

28 thoughts on “school girl

  1. Mimi, this doll is just about perfect. Love the yellow book bag, and all the details. I totally wants it. Love, Vesna

  2. Mimi – she is wonderful. I love all the “pieces”, I have a great love for dolls with accessories.

    Oh, and those loops ARE called thread loops, I’ve never seen them called anything else, if they are the loops made by basically blanket-stitching over a thread or group of threads…

  3. i have a feeling it’s going to be a record breaking doll making year again.

    she’s got to be one of my favs. so much attitude! and plenty of details.

  4. Mimi, you have outdone yourself – she is spectacular.
    I love that side view – she looks like she is heading off to the principals office to dob on someone.

  5. Mimi, she’s amazing, love the detailing, beautiful coat!
    Just catching up… Gorgeous mermaids especially seaweed girl, love goth girl too( I liked the dark circles!)

  6. I absolutely love how incredibly “put together” she is, but yet also has one slouchy sock. Brilliant!

  7. I imagine Goth Girl and School Girl go to the same school and are secretly friends on the weekends. Love the coat!!!

  8. Just perfect! The attention to detail is what makes it, and you are a champ in that department. Yes, I remember slouchy socks…

  9. I loved the part about them being friends in college as well! And she is looks so determined n a walking stance. You are on a roll. WIPs meet finished pieces.

  10. Mimi, I’m so happy for you — I saw School Girl featured “hand picked” on Etsy this morning. So exciting!

  11. I found another name for the button loops that you made for her coat in my 1970’s copy of Woman’s Day Complete Book of Handicrafts (Australia). They call them Rouleau Fastenings or Rouleau Button Loops.
    Love her jacket… it has inspired me to try something similar for my dolls!

  12. I keep coming back to look at her – she’s so perfect! She has so much character and I love your comment about her and the goth girl being friends in college. They really are little people with lives aren’t they?

    I love dolls who come with accessories and clothes, too.

  13. Hi, I admire your excellent work, especially the schoolgirl dolls. Very nostalgic.

    I have a suggestion for finishing the inside of the coat for your consideration: make a lining of silk. Silk has virtually no weight or thickness and will enable you to slide the coat on without friction. It will cover the unfinished seams of the coat, too.

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