goth girl

Yes! I finished one!

Below is the first face, shown in the wip post. I redid it and like it much better, although I will still be experimenting with applique shadows. The new eyes have a small border of a darker purple felt.

Her boots have embroidered buckles and felt straps-

Photographing her was a challenge.  Dark colors are often difficult, and the weather didn’t help- here is a windy action shot- Tim-ber!

10 thoughts on “goth girl

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  2. Mimi, you made the right choice with the eyes! Now she looks grungy, with heavy eye makeup, but still approachable. The blue around the eyes is fantastic.

  3. Angst ridden youths! I love them! They wear so many shades of black. I think you’ve captured their untapped potential superbly! She’s great.

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