blue robot

this one is a retake of this guy. Maybe he is cold?

He was the first robot I cut out this time- testing my new design for the hips, legs and knees.

But nothing is going smoothly lately and each one has been a struggle to get right.

10 thoughts on “blue robot

  1. Another naked robot! I’m in love! :D And of course he’s blue – he’s naked in Boston outside in April! That explains the shrinkage factor :/

  2. He’s fabulous. The zipper is inspired! LOL….he has a certain grunge/tin man thing going on. You must be happy with how he turned out in the end.

  3. Hi,

    Of course that the shape of his head reminds me of the Wizard of Oz’s Tin Man.
    Good creativity and well executed.

    Best regards,


  4. That’s so interesting you don’t think of robots as having emotions but he actually looks as though he is cold in the outside shot. Perhaps he was left behind and needs a new job.

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