little guy

I’m all over the place these days.

At the beginning of last week I was working on little boys in plaid. Got frustrated. Went over to the robots in plaid. Finished 3 robots. Got frustrated with the 4th. Went back and finished this little cutie. Hopefully I will get robot #4 finished today… Then maybe some more of these little boys.

10 thoughts on “little guy

  1. It is interesting, and reassuring, to me that, although frustration drives you from one project to another and back again, the results are always wonderful new people with their own souls and distinctive selves.

  2. Love Him!!! I could just sit and look at your dolls all day long. They put such a smile on my face….such amazing work you produce…:)

  3. I love his proportions! I understand what you mean about finding frustration and curing it with distraction. I caught the glint of a shiny thing out the corner of my eye and haven’t sewn in over a week. I’ve been drawing instead. Goodness knows when I’ll get back to the machine! I look forward to seeing the robot when he gets here! Cheers – Jen

  4. Just coming in to say Hi and that I allways read along with you. Like your dolls, like your new little guy. Maybe he’ll make a great pair with one of your girls?
    Kind regards from the Netherlands, Hannie

  5. Mimi, I love what you are doing. I have doll crushes all over your site and wish I could afford one right now. One day soon. Thank you for being and doing all you do and are.

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