little guy 5- cute alert!

okay- proceed with caution- this one is a real cutie!

Something about red-haired little boys!

In case anyone was wondering what the heck happened with the studio moving project? I was very focused in February and got a lot of work done on the room. And then I wasn’t. And March and April went by. Finally, I am back to work on it. Here is the little fellow hanging on the wall.

oh, and another thing. I am hoping to get the Tiny World pattern ready for selling by Friday. I have had good feedback from my testers.

15 thoughts on “little guy 5- cute alert!

  1. While all your little guys are cute, this one takes the cake. That fringe of hair falling over his forehead is just delicious.

  2. Hi,
    I have juste discovered your blog and you have a marvellous univers of dolls.
    I love and I make dolls too. But they are different from you.
    Come to visite me on my blog…
    See you,


  3. I love that you’ve started adding ears to your dolls. He’s adorable!

  4. I love the bangs. He’s got style. I have really enjoyed admiring all the ‘little guys’. They’re beautiful!

  5. Having two boys with hair on the reddish side of the spectrum, I’ll have to agree. That and the floppy fringe, just has an irascible quality, at perfect odds with those innocent, big blue eyes. Just wonderful, as always Mimi.

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