little guy 5- cute alert!

okay- proceed with caution- this one is a real cutie!

Something about red-haired little boys!

In case anyone was wondering what the heck happened with the studio moving project? I was very focused in February and got a lot of work done on the room. And then I wasn’t. And March and April went by. Finally, I am back to work on it. Here is the little fellow hanging on the wall.

oh, and another thing. I am hoping to get the Tiny World pattern ready for selling by Friday. I have had good feedback from my testers.

little guy 2

I’m getting over the plaid but still thinking about images of boys in the 50s and 60s. Here is the first little guy. I was also inspired by the cover illustration on this book– Every Friday by Dan Yaccarino.

Thanks for everyone who volunteered to test the pattern. I have now moved onto phase 2 of this pattern thing! I will let you all know when it is customer ready.