red beard man

I always put photos of the dolls on Flickr. Often not the exact same photos as I put on the blog. If you go to Flickr, you can click on “all sizes” and see them REALLY BIG and see all the details if you are interested. Here is the face.

This is how I get orders to the post office when I have more then I can fit under my 2 arms.

doll make-over

I’ve done it again. I went back and redid the face on a doll I had previously declared finished. I couldn’t help it. She was haunting me.

Presenting the new Red-headed girl-

First I changed the mouth and I thought I was done. Hmm. Nope. Then I trimmed her bangs. Much better. Done? No, still not right. Okay, new eyes. Now I’m happy. And she is happy too!

So much better!

Here is a link to the original “finished” doll. I’ve deleted some of the photos, on the blog and on Flickr.

little guy 5- cute alert!

okay- proceed with caution- this one is a real cutie!

Something about red-haired little boys!

In case anyone was wondering what the heck happened with the studio moving project? I was very focused in February and got a lot of work done on the room. And then I wasn’t. And March and April went by. Finally, I am back to work on it. Here is the little fellow hanging on the wall.

oh, and another thing. I am hoping to get the Tiny World pattern ready for selling by Friday. I have had good feedback from my testers.

autumn girl

My political word- just once every four years. I am Very, Very Happy today!

Finally- I finished a doll to post!

People ask me how much I plan out my projects beforehand. The answer is not much. Here is a classic scenario. My original idea was to make a group of autumn-color forest-impish girl dolls. The first one to take her own road was the flower girl. I made another girl with dreadlocks and made this dress for her. It looked completely wrong. So, I decided to finish up a few more girls and then I’d figure out if the dress would look better on someone else. So now, instead of a forest imp, I’ve got what looks to me like a little Irish girl who would love to be trying out some step dancing.

this photo is a little light but shows the details well.

top view-

and a back view-

cashmere hair-