garden baby

This baby is the same color palette as this garden lady. I love, love, LOVE these colors together!

Okay, sorry about that. Back to the topic at hand.

Did you know that Firefox can make all the colors in your photos look terrible? I could not figure out what was wrong- my photos looked fine on Iphoto and totally washed out when I put them on my blog or flickr. When I whined loudly enough about it, my sweetie figured out the the problem- check it out.

9 thoughts on “garden baby

  1. Gorgeous leafy garden baby!

    Tell your sweetie a big thanks from me for figuring out that adjustment. I’ve always been frustrated by how washed out my pics appear on Firefox.

  2. Hi Mimi! I absolutely love her. In fact I love ALL your dolls. They’re so lovely. I was about to tell you that you should open up an Etsy shop and then I stumbled on your link to your Etsy shop. Of course you’re already on Etsy! Congrats on your success too! Can’t wait to see what you list next!

  3. Love your felt dolls. Have converted your pattern into cloth as I make them for church craft stall with whatever I have in stash. See my website.The arms I just lengthened and cut two the hands are great as I do these quickly- next time I will thin the arms when I do another I also kept the arms and legs attached to hands feet. Hope this is ok

  4. I loved visiting. i love to stitch by hand. i love to create new things. i too like small blogs. i forwarded you to my mum who is making dolls too from found things, :) you might like to check out her first attempts and leave some feedback.

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