night garden lady

This doll is of the night garden-

Use your imagination though- no photographing with dark backgrounds… The dark colors are hard enough to show!

I think her upper torso tree, leaf applique looks like a shawl or stole.

Back view- because I am always curious about the back of everything-

2 ladies-

On the steps where the colors are often better-

Now I have finished the lady dolls that had been in limbo since last November- so forlorn. Onto the next thing!

10 thoughts on “night garden lady

  1. I love your work!
    These go right to my heart.
    And I so admire your craftswomanship.
    These garden ladies are spectacular.
    But so are the babies, school children and
    tatooed men!

  2. Such intricate detail. Love your appliqué it is so out there. Thanks for sharing. I only wish I could be this good.

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