another tiny world, books,

and some other notes.

One more tiny world done-

Another meet-up this morning and it was fantastic! Thanks for showing up ladies- Liz, Crystal, Louise, Linda, Lisa, and Kerry! Next one is April 14. Hmm, the day before taxes. Wonder if anyone will show up?

And, a book report. I bought myself a book about the circus. It is gigantic!

I’m not sure how I first discovered it. Maybe an Amazon search? I discovered that one local library has it as a reference book so I went to look at it. I literally gasped when I opened it. 600 plus pages of inspiration. But… wow, it cost SO much. It took me over a month to decide to buy it. First I thought I’d wait to see if I lost interest. When I didn’t, I checked out all the used book sites, watched on ebay, and then discovered there is another book of the same name by the same author but smaller… That was when I finally decided to just go for it and buy it on Amazon. I am not sorry.

and like I said, 600+ more pages!

And another book- this one I got out of the library, but I think I’ll be looking for a used one online.

Someone posted about it on their blog a while back- sorry but I don’t remember who. When I saw the book, it brought back a flood of memories. This book was the one I was using back in 9th grade when I made this sampler-

It is so much fun to page through the book and see how it influenced me. It is inspiring me once again – this time I am using the stitches on my tiny worlds.

20 thoughts on “another tiny world, books,

  1. Oh wow! I think the clear message of this post is that you need to make an embroidered tattooed lady like the one in the drawing! I would LOVE to see her. Tail optional.

  2. I have the abridged version of the circus book (only 300 pgs) and love it- I can only imagine how amazing a book twice the size would be! Such wonderful inspiration to be found in its pages :D

  3. Yes! The Stitches of Creative Embroidery is my all-time favorite embroidery book! I think the introduction should be required reading for any stitcher. Her philosophy on embroidery is just beautiful. So often I wish I could just sit and stitch with her – she seems like such a wonderful person.

    I love love love love that you have a sampler you were stitching on from that book. Makes me positively GIDDY! Thanks so much for sharing it! :)

  4. I love big books. And that is a fantastic one! And how much do I ADORE that you have an embroidery sample that you did as a teenager. So fantastico!

  5. What a wonderful post- your process of deciding interests me, as I’ve been asked to teach a class on budgeting to our women’s group at church. Some treasures are worth every penny! It’s just important to really want what you choose to own, and I’l share your thinking with group.

    The stitches book looks wonderful, and your sampler is fantastic!

  6. Mimi – you share my obsession with the circus. And, I would love to page through that embroidery book. I am such an odd duck that I sometimes read these craft books as bedtime reading!

  7. Oh, what a fabulous circus book!! The illustration style reminds me of the old magician posters of the early 1900s, 600 plus pages hmm… Be still itchy clicker finger! : )

  8. Wow, these are fantastic! I will have to start my search now, I’m doing a circus themed art exhibit with my students in june, gotta get that circus book!

  9. Oh, that circus book looks fab. BTW, my Christmas gift to my son and his girlfriend was tickets to the Big Apple Circus in April. The magic of it all … can’t wait! The embroidery book is a gem, too. Love your 9th grade sampler!!!

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