forest girl 4

She is the last of this group. I am cutting out more girl dolls but am not sure who they will be yet. I hope to spend some time this weekend taking photos with the four forest girls. The dolls will go up in my shop on Monday.

13 thoughts on “forest girl 4

  1. Mimi … I absolutely love your new Forest Girls. They are beautiful. They make me want to be able to touch them so I can feel the textures. Thank you for sharing your creativity!

  2. This girl, with her sideways glancing eyes, looks like she is wary of her surroundings. She’s like a wild coyote compared with a pet dog. Beautiful!

  3. The four forest girls are fabulous! By which I mean that they’re wonderful, but also that fables should be written about them; they could be out there in the woods, outwitting wolves and out-porridging bears, dancing on tree-stumps, picnicing on their cast-off cloaks, yodelling to each other across the valley. Look forward to hearing about their exploits!

  4. Each time I see one of your dolls, I feel I must make one, too. It is going to happen….soon I think! Very inspiring! love, Beth

  5. I love all of these forest girls! I think they would love living here in the Pacific Northwest!! (Maybe you should bring them to the Seattle area for a visit??)

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  7. Maybe it is because I am a tree lover (sometimes hugger) or because I love the subdued woodsy colors but these forest girls are my very very favorites!

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