mermaid girl 3

Why do I make dolls? Because every time I finish one, I fall in love.

I spent way too much time making this dress. But, I DO like it!

Hmm. Now I am remembering that I was going to make her a little shawl. I have just the right color- an ochre. Maybe I will go do that now.

13 thoughts on “mermaid girl 3

  1. I love all of the mermaid girls, but I love this one because of her dress! It really is so lovely and the color is amazing! I am looking forward to the group shot of all of the mermaid girls! And Mimi, I love what you say at the beginning of this post…just perfect!

  2. The dress was worth every minute you spent on it. It’s beautiful – and so perfect for this lovely girl.

  3. Lovely! I wonder why the fabric was discontinued. It is so perfect for mermaids and other sea related themes.

  4. my jaw just drops when i see the results of your full on production mode mimi. i’m crazy in love with all the new girls you’ve posted. it’s fun seeing some new dresses on them.

    i’ve also just caught up on your Paris trip…fantastic! you squeezed in so much in such a short amount of time…and of course i just love it that you had a blogger meet-up/doll making day while there…only you mimi…only you. xxx

  5. And for we follow you, we hope you fall in love for loooooong time!! (sorry for my bad english, I’m not sure if I can expresed what I feel!)

  6. My favourite doll of yours for a long time (and that’s really saying something as I love them all!). The way you’ve used the pattern in the fabric is so clever and beautiful. LOVE!

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