a new pincushion for ME!

I made myself a new pincushion. I have to admit that I felt silly making it nice, just for me- to make a house, instead of just a blob or something on top. Reminder to self- do it nicely and right, for myself. Okay then.

The base is something I got from my parents’ house. I believe it is the bottom part of a hair receiver. There was clearly suppose to be a top lid of some sort and it was missing. I’ve had this in my studio for a number of years, knowing I would eventually get around to making it into a pincushion. Doesn’t it look like a little farm house with veggies growing in the garden?!

I like to put my needles in the top element and yes, I sort my pins by color. I am obsessive that way. I’m very opinionated about my pins too- I like colorful, thin, long (1 3/8″) glass-headed pins. Like these but in colors. Here is the new pincushion with the old one. That link goes to the original post when I made that one- in August 2004! It has gotten worn out and a bit floppy on it’s base.

Here is another photo with my hand for scale. It is pretty big and I realized the other photos didn’t convey that.


17 thoughts on “a new pincushion for ME!

  1. Wow! Amazing! I love the new pin-cushion and I so enjoyed the new-to-me information about hair receivers. Incredible! The old pin cushion still looks nifty(to me), but your new lion-footed, house-bedecked pincushion will make you happy every time you go for a pin!

  2. I have loved your “tiny worlds” pincushions for a long time.

    At the end of last year I even made a pincushion, for a competition with my Guild, based on them, but with a more Australian looking house. I meant to send you an email about it, but I can’t remember if I did or not. You can see it here…


    Anyway, the thing I love most about this one of yours is the colour-sorted pins. I also use the same kind of coloured, glass-headed pins and do exactly this, which is why I have not ended up using my house pincushion, but still use a round segmented one. I am impressed that you found a way to combine the two.

    I carry this sorting over to my clothes-pins, which here are called pegs, hence my blog name – I always hang my garments with matching pegs – sad, but true.

  3. I really love this, Mimi. It is wonderful – it’s size, and how unusual the base is — and especially the veggies and flowers in garden rows. Thanks for sharing it:)

  4. awww! that is sooo dear! I really must try to do something similar. Thanks for your lovely blog… I always smile when I see that there is a new entry.

  5. Hello Mimi! You have inspired me to sort my studio, too. I love making pincushions for myself; most end up strangely resembling potatoes! This latest charmer of yours is a beauty and will give you much pleasure, I know.

  6. Love your new ‘for you’ pincushion. That it has a connection to your parents makes it even more special. The pins look like good things growing in the garden!

  7. It’s a bit like Baba Yaga’s house – on legs. Love your pincushions and worls in a cup – it’s a good thing you are making for yourself as well as others!

  8. Love the dish and the house on top ~ really interesting to read about the ‘hair receiver’ too.
    Glad you are making something nice for yourself, very important!

  9. I think it’s hard for artists to remember to make nice things for themselves. Good for you for treating yourself. The pincushion is one of your best ever, I think.

    Do you put emery powder in the little houses?

  10. Well – this is beautiful – and you’re right – sometimes we forget to take as much care making things for ourselves when we make things for others. I love your little farm house and – BONUS- I learned what a “hair receiver” is. LOL!

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