Red Swirly Hair

A red-haired man with swirly hair. Isn’t this gorgeous?!

Here is the front- much more important.

A fancy button-

It took me many days to get these photos- we’ve been having crazy wet weather around here, including snow last Friday. That’s Spring in New England.

This time, No Skeletons

He is a big man with yellow pants and more classic toile.

Lots of animals, greenery, and a lady on the front,

and a man with a donkey on the back.

I like this new hair fabric I found! And that button came from a tin box that my neighbor gave me.

He is a few little pink spots that come from the dyeing process. Oh well, it’s a true sign of handmade, right?

Blond Man with Skeleton Tattoos

I love that swirly hair fabric! When I find a fabric that is so perfect, I try to buy it in all the possible hair colors.

That is a fancy antique glass button.

He is hanging out on the porch, catching some warm(er) breezes. The potted plants are beginning to creep out as the days and nights get warmer- ie not going below freezing. The smaller pot has mint in it, coming back to life after being ignored all winter.