I’m back!

Happy Halloween everyone! Maybe you didn’t even notice but my blog was offline since Saturday. My husband tells me it got hacked, but honestly, I’m not sure what that means though I am sure it’s bad. He had to do all kinds of computer voodoo to clean it up so he spent even more time updating things around here. Thanks Honey! How do you like the new look? There are still a few things that need to be fixed and some things I need to figure out but I wanted to get back online as soon as possible.

We survived Hurricane Sandy with minimal damage. We lost some roof shingles and got water in the attic. It is fixed now. The power was out for just long enough that it felt like a fun adventure. We were very lucky. A lot of my neighbors are still without power and I’m sure the adventure is getting very old. And the news from the New York area is both very distressing and I can’t tear myself away from it.

I have managed to pull myself away from the news reports long enough to finish one thing- a professorial fox, dressed for Autumn.

Let me know if you notice any blog problems that I might want to know about. I know the early posts (2004 and 2005) are a mess and will hopefully be back at some point. Thanks!

what’s up

I am in a weird twilight zone between Brooklyn Renegade and San Francisco Renegade. I will be in San Francisco in 2 weeks!

When I got back from Brooklyn, I had a very long to-do list. I’ve been working through computer jobs, travel planning and home sewing. I made new shades for the kitchen-

a nightgown, and a baby gift-

I’ve got a number of projects going on in the studio so I’ll have some dolls to show soon.

I am going to have to start haunting the thrift shops again- I need more fox-colored wools.

I’ve got lots on my mind. The SF show has a lot of little logistical problems that I have to figure out but it is all coming together. I’m excited!

I ought to be spending some time in the garden but it seems to be doing just fine without me-

I know that other parts of the country have been having a difficult summer, but the Boston area seems to be having the perfect Daylily weather. I have never seen them look so healthy and have so many flowers. Everything else is looking good too.

Two of my garden favs- crocosmia “Lucifer”

and poppies-


and the winner is…

#92, Betty from Kentucky! Congratulations! And thanks so much to everyone who entered.

and a garden picture so this post will have some color.

I’m off for a quick trip to Connecticut but I will be back to work by mid-week.

I am going to try to get the Generals into my Etsy shop soon.

I am getting my summer plans firmed up. Brooklyn Renegade- I will be in the NY area from June 22 to June 26

and San Francisco Renegade- I’ll be in the SF area from July 19 to July 27. WooHoo, a vacation!

So Handsome!


If you believe that I have control over how these faces turn out, you’d be wrong. I use a water-erasable marker to mark out where the features go and draw in a rough sketch. If I had any real control, all the faces would be the same. But, as you might notice, they don’t because I don’t. I start stitching and whoever it turns out that they are, appears!

And I think this one is particularly appealing!

I spent some time in the garden over the weekend. I worked on the compost pile- which is great news because it means my back is MUCH better- Hurray! My favorite gardening toy is my compost thermometer (I’ve probably mentioned that before) and you can see here that my pile was close to 130 degrees F this morning. That’s my idea of excitement!


Portland weekend

We were up in Maine for the weekend. Having a son going to school in Portland has improved our life. It is a wonderful town with natural beauties and amazing food. And, only 2 hours north from home!

This group of dogs was waiting patiently next to the Scratch Baking Company, #1 bakery in Portland- and that is saying something!

And lastly, a perfect lighthouse- good inspiration for my next tiny world.

Santa on vacation 2

Here is the one that needed his eyes adjusted. He looks much better to me now. It is the littlest things that can make the difference.

I really like his beard.

Yes, that is snow in the background.

The backdrop for the other Santa looks like this now-

This really has been the year of crazy weather in New England.

We put up the bird feeders on Saturday, before the storm hit. I taped a branch to the shepherd’s crook type holder we use. I got the idea from my neighbor friend Mim. It has been a huge success with the birds and me!

a new adventure

We had an amazing Columbus Day weekend. This is the beach at Swampscott MA. That is Boston in the distance on the right of the photo.

Okay, I’ve got some big news. Drum roll please!

I have signed a licensing contract with Land Of Nod so at this time next year, if all goes according to plan, there will be *something* in their catalog of my design. How fantastic is that! The exact nature of what I am working on with them is all hush hush for a while, but obviously, when the time is closer, I will be shouting it from the rooftops! I am excited and nervous about heading off in this new direction. Deep breath! This has been brewing since Renegade in Chicago. As I often repeat to myself, you never know what will happen (or who you will meet) when you leave the house. Hurray!

The weather has been beautiful. Here is a garden photo to end this post. Asters and seed pods of butterfly weed, alyssum in the background.

Now, back to the studio. The Holidays are right around the corner!


what’s happening

I will be in Chicago in just a few more days- I’m flying on Thursday morning. My dolls have been shipped and all the show supplies are on their way. Renegade, here I come! Please, if you read my blog and you come to the market, tell me- It will make my day!

Mostly I have been doing show related chores- labeling, packing, delivering boxes to shippers, etc. Boring. But, I’ve been have fun with my IPad camera. Here are some pics-

playing with Instagram-

my desk-

and a few days later-

A sunflower in front of the house. When I returned a few hours later, there was a chunk out of the flower. I’m trying to imagine what kind of animal could/would do that! Probably a squirrel or a teenage boy.

I’m hoping to finish at least one of those girls before I leave town. I’d better get back to work.

Portland Picnic

This past weekend was dominated by Hurricane Irene news, but Saturday in Maine was beautiful. A lot of friends from my Crafty Biz meet-up group were participating in the Portland Picnic so I headed up north for the day.

This photo booth had the coolest props ever! Look at those masks!

Here is Laura of Pansy Maiden, with her vegan bags.

Eling of Rhinofluff.

Danielle of The Merriweather Council

Lisa of RedStaggerwing Designs

Jen of Zooguu

and Melissa of Pressbound

I also saw Jennifer Judd-McGee of Swallowfield fame. It was a beautiful day, a fantastic selection of artwork, the crowds were out, and everyone was talking about the pending hurricane and enjoying the event. After a few hours, I left the park and walked to meet-up with my husband and son. I saw this weather vane along the way-

Before leaving town, we took Peter out for a great Mexican dinner at Zapoteca– Yum! Great day all around. We left Portland in the early evening and headed back to Boston. We hit the first rain right at the New Hampshire line and a steady downpour once we were back in Massachusetts. We had rain, we had wind, but where I live, we came out mostly unscathed. We are lucky and thankful.

This oak leaf was on the porch this morning. The thing is, I have no idea where there is an oak tree any where near us. Yes, it was windy!