Garden Lady

I’m back to playing with my bags of soft cashmere bits that make such sweet and soft flowers.

11-15-garden lady - 1

This one is definitely not inspired by nature out my window. We’ve had a hard frost and the garden is over for the year. And tonight, we are suppose to have our first snow.

11-15-garden lady - 2

11-15-garden lady - 3

I will be playing with some more butterfly designs because these were fun!

11-15-garden lady - 5

11-15-garden lady - 4

Plain on the back-

11-15-garden lady - 6

11-15-garden lady - 7

night garden lady

This doll is of the night garden-

Use your imagination though- no photographing with dark backgrounds… The dark colors are hard enough to show!

I think her upper torso tree, leaf applique looks like a shawl or stole.

Back view- because I am always curious about the back of everything-

2 ladies-

On the steps where the colors are often better-

Now I have finished the lady dolls that had been in limbo since last November- so forlorn. Onto the next thing!