Two new Tiny World designs

First we’ve got a barn with a rooster on the mug.

10-10-tiny world 9 10 - 2

Those tiny sheep were a challenge!

10-10-tiny world 9 10 - 1

And this design is something I’ve pondered for a long while. I wanted to do a night scene. I even found those wonderful star pins at Tale of the Yak, when I was in San Francisco last summer. And then, to bring it all together, I found this black teacup at the thrift store and so it happened.

10-10-tiny world 9 10 - 3

Not too Halloween-y I think.

10-10-tiny world 9 10 - 4

The weather today was back to summer (mid-80’s) here in the Boston area. Look who visited my garden-

10-10-tiny world 9 10 - 1 (2)

I don’t see many monarch butterflies anymore so this made me very happy.

night garden lady

This doll is of the night garden-

Use your imagination though- no photographing with dark backgrounds… The dark colors are hard enough to show!

I think her upper torso tree, leaf applique looks like a shawl or stole.

Back view- because I am always curious about the back of everything-

2 ladies-

On the steps where the colors are often better-

Now I have finished the lady dolls that had been in limbo since last November- so forlorn. Onto the next thing!

swaddled baby- night

When I change direction and am trying to get in the groove- from girl dolls which are about the clothes, to baby dolls which are about applique and surface decoration- I find it useful to step back and start with a design I have explored before. That gets me thinking and going in the new direction but hopefully not getting overwhelmed or lost.

I love the night babies so I start there. Here are some earlier ones

This doll was amazingly hard to photograph. If I wanted to show the details on the body, the face got washed out. Face right? Body ended up too dark. So I mixed them up to give a good idea.