victorian girl

sort of pseudo Victorian…

Here is an over-exposed photo that shows the embroidered belt and the antique buttons.

She has multiple layers of ruffles- inspired by some Amy Earles drawings, like this one. All the layers of skirts are cashmere.

Hook and eye closure at the waist-

And here she is with sailor girl, who I think of as being in a similar design vein. These 2 girls are made from the exact same pattern. Yes, the new girl stuffed up rather chubby!

goth girl

Yes! I finished one!

Below is the first face, shown in the wip post. I redid it and like it much better, although I will still be experimenting with applique shadows. The new eyes have a small border of a darker purple felt.

Her boots have embroidered buckles and felt straps-

Photographing her was a challenge.  Dark colors are often difficult, and the weather didn’t help- here is a windy action shot- Tim-ber!