new tiny worlds!

Two things are going on here. 1. When I do a tiny world class, I make a few demo parts. Then, after the class, they haunt me until I put them all together. 2. And, since I made the pattern, I have been thinking that I ought to focus on making tiny worlds that are different. So, a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

-some this-

-and that-

7 thoughts on “new tiny worlds!

  1. What a lovely tradmark treasure you have in these! As a miniaturist and doll artist, these tiny wonders make my creative heart just sing. I created a Nativity set for a friend a couple of years ago out of felt (with metallic and silk threads and plentiful beading), and I just adored working in felt. Your work has heightened the lure of that material again in me.

    BTW, I am simply WILD about that mushroom house. There’re few mushrooms as lovely and magical as the Agaric, and as a Dane, it’s one of my favourite Christmas motifs.

  2. I wish I could live in one of those teeny mushroom houses…
    I am just catching up and sorry to hear about your camera issues- I hope it gets resolved quickly!

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