fall fox boy 1- mushroom hunter

11:14:fox boy 1a

Mushroom hunting is a great excuse for a walk in the woods. No eating of foraged fungi is necessary. I am sure this fox is an expert though and knows the good stuff and will be making dinner later. You can see that he found a really big mushroom for his collecting bag.

11:14:fox boy 1b

The boy foxes I just finished are also made from hand-dyed by me wool fabric. I think you can see the color variations in these pics.

11:14:fox boy 1cCorduroy jacket, tartan vest, mustard yellow tie.

11:14:fox boy 1d

11:14:fox boy 1e

In his bag is his notebook and 2 mushrooms- a regular size one and a BIG one.

11:14:fox boy 1g