<3 red plaid

I feel like the finishing of things is going in slo-mo. This fellow has been on my desk for a while.

10:31:big lumberjack b

Lots of photos ahead!

He has a kerchief in his breast pocket.

10:31:big lumberjack c

And crossed axes on his belt buckle.

10:31:big lumberjack d

His chest tattoo is a cow and a milkmaid.

10:31:big lumberjack e

And some poultry on his arm.

10:31:big lumberjack f

10:31:big lumberjack h

Can you see that his hair is made from corduroy? Wool corduroy! I’ve had it in my stash for ages and finally gave it a try!

10:31:big lumberjack g

10:31:big lumberjack a

I am teaching the swaddled baby class this weekend at the New England Quilt Museum. I hear there is one seat left if any one is interested.

5 thoughts on “<3 red plaid

  1. Just beautiful Mimi. I’ve been a fan of your work for a while and still get so excited over the eyecatching little details and intricacies of what you make. Look at how that corduroy meets up beautifully into a parting… amazing. Always lovely fabrics that you put to innovative uses too. Liz

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