dog in herringbone

I think he looks pretty darn sophisticated.

6:11:dog 4a

Cashmere scarf and herringbone shirt. My son showed me a video with techniques for how to wear a man scarf which I used for this fellow!

6:11:dog 4b

6:11:dog 4c

6:11:dog 4d

Next is the girl dogs!

time for the dogs

6:9:dog 1a

San Francisco Renegade is just a month away and I’m feeling a little frantic about my inventory. I will be posting things as I finish them but I don’t think I will be adding much to my Etsy shop in the next few months. As always, if you see something you like here, contact me directly and I am happy to send you all the details with no pressure to buy.

6:9:dog 1b

Fair Isle sweater and dark orange cashmere scarf- so handsome!

6:9:dog 1c

6:9:dog 1d

pug time

Hurray for something getting finished! I am feeling very far behind right now so I checked how many dolls I’d made by this point last year- yep, I’m behind. Last year on this date I posted #29- 2013 doll. These pugs are #20 and #21- 2014. Not too bad but still need to do some catch up.

4:3:black pug 1

This fellow is made of black cashmere and a wool plaid shirt that I bought at the thrift store- my son got first dibs on it but he passed. Now, a new life! And a wool felt bow tie.

4:3:black pug 2

4:3:black pug 3

4:3:black pug 4

She is cashmere body, beige and black, vintage wool plaid shirt and cashmere knit skirt. I used some gorgeous wool felt from A Child’s Dream, recommended by Salley Mavor. I bought an assortment pack of hand dyed felt right after Christmas but this is the first time I’ve used any. I love it- it is softer to the touch than my standard felt and also softer color. Uh-oh, might have to buy some more!

4:3:plaid pug 1

4:3:plaid pug 2

4:3:plaid pug 3

4:3:plaid pug 4

If you are interested in either of these pugs, they are $100 ea + shipping. Email me at There will be more pugs tomorrow!