pug time

Hurray for something getting finished! I am feeling very far behind right now so I checked how many dolls I’d made by this point last year- yep, I’m behind. Last year on this date I posted #29- 2013 doll. These pugs are #20 and #21- 2014. Not too bad but still need to do some catch up.

4:3:black pug 1

This fellow is made of black cashmere and a wool plaid shirt that I bought at the thrift store- my son got first dibs on it but he passed. Now, a new life! And a wool felt bow tie.

4:3:black pug 2

4:3:black pug 3

4:3:black pug 4

She is cashmere body, beige and black, vintage wool plaid shirt and cashmere knit skirt. I used some gorgeous wool felt from A Child’s Dream, recommended by Salley Mavor. I bought an assortment pack of hand dyed felt right after Christmas but this is the first time I’ve used any. I love it- it is softer to the touch than my standard felt and also softer color. Uh-oh, might have to buy some more!

4:3:plaid pug 1

4:3:plaid pug 2

4:3:plaid pug 3

4:3:plaid pug 4

If you are interested in either of these pugs, they are $100 ea + shipping. Email me at mimik@pobox.com. There will be more pugs tomorrow!

One Kings Lane and a dog

My sale went up last night on One Kings Lane at 9pm est. It was beyond exciting when everything sold out in less than 2 hours! I couldn’t get to sleep because I was so razzed up, just like a little kiddo. I am thrilled to be part of this sale with such talented ladies- Jennifer Murphy and Polka Dot Club, who I’ve online “known” for years, and also Lauren Bradshaw of the Walnut Animal Society and Cocon, who are new to me. So much fabulous work! I have spent most of today packing everything up and tomorrow the pieces will be on their way to new homes.

But, I’m behind on my posts so I’m also going to show you this new dog.

11:12:dog2 d

He is kind of a special fellow because of his fabrics. The beige and black cashmere body is made of a favorite fabric of my Mom’s. She made herself several very chic outfits with it so I think of her every time I see it. The red wool plaid is another fabric from her collection. I made a jacket out of it when I was in High School. That was a very, very long time ago.

11:12:dog2 c

11:12:dog2 a

11:12:dog2 b

11:12:dog2 e

herringbone dog

I’ve got a new camera- Canon EOS Rebel T3 and I am happy so far! Yes I am in the learning stages but I’ve figured out enough to take these photos for this post. Knowing myself so well, I may never move on from there.






In case you are interested, this was my camera choice reasoning.

-I am predisposed to Canon because that’s what I’ve been using for lots of years now and I understand what the icons stand for and other basic usage info.

-I wanted a camera with a better lens. The G10 I was using seemed fine for a long time until I started noticing the distortions at the top and bottom of the pics. Once I’d noticed it, I saw it in every photo I took.

-I no longer care that it is so big. When I walk around and take photos these days, I am using my phone. This camera will be for product shots.

-It was the same price or cheaper than any of the point-and-shoots I was looking at.

I bought it at a real camera store because I “needed” it immediately. Really, I was just completely over my other camera. I can return it if I need to (2 weeks) and I can go back and ask questions.

And, one last thing. After the camera store, I went to visit the new Land Of Nod pop-up shop in the Boston area. It was so much fun to see my doggies in person! And the mermaids too!


red dog

2 posts in one day- CRAZY! But, I’m still behind and I like to post things here before I put them in my Etsy shop.

I could iron his ears down but I like them looking so enthusiastic.

10:3:red dog 1d


10:3:red dog 1b

10:3:red dog 1c

10:3:red dog 1e

Black Pug Girl

And the last pug for now.

6:25:blackpug1A black dog is very hard to photograph. Either you can see the details and everything is overexposed or the colors are correct and the face is too dark. Oh well. She looks adorable in real life!

6:25:blackpug2A few overexposed photos so you can see her cute face.

6:25:blackpug36:25:blackpug46:25:blackpug56:25:blackpug6And waiting on the porch for pictures.