13 thoughts on “I think I’m up to 7 now

  1. They are amazing and so cute – like little stories. I just want to go into the house and visit. You should make a children’s story with these! :-)

    Happy weekend Mimi!

  2. Love the flowers and the trees. Maybe you could make a Christmas house, snow covered with a snowman in the yard and little “lights” on the house. Your work is fabulous.

  3. Makes me think of Balke’s seeing the world in a grain of sand…also, I must admit, of ice cream…which leads me to the textures, which would be very strange in the mouth. The sweetness of scale and subject open up into some other sort of contemplation.

  4. I have seen your things at a few craft shows (I’m also in Arlington) and I love your tattooed men. This is the first time I have seen your little houses and I am so moved by them. They are made of win. The contrast between the materials makes me happy! It’s nice to think of such great art coming out of Arlington!

  5. I just had a friend email me your blog site and I am absolutely blown away with the pictures of your pincushions…..
    Do you have a shop where you sell them?
    I am a pincushion collector and am just in awe of yours….

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