little witch #2

I hope you aren’t getting tired of these little girls because I am still having fun with them. Here is another little witch… or maybe a Jane Eyre sort of girl.

She has a black undersuit, so her arms are black. Her dress is purple cashmere with a silk ribbon closure. It is hard to get the photos right when the colors are so dark.

I am excited about her hair-

I used the felt beads (I dyed them all black) again. 5 small ones for bangs, 5 big ones in the back.

Here is her scarf, off. I was very nervous about doing the hand-stitched button holes when I was dressing Marigold. I seem to have gotten over it and am having fun with them now!

The dress is made from the arms of a cashmere sweater, cut at about elbow length- 2 arms, cut open, pinned together, sewed up the sides to where the cuff starts.  Then sewing in at the top of the cuffs, about 1 inch on each side for shoulder seams. The cuffs are the bodice. Close zigzag at bottom edge for the ruffle. Add ribbon to gather.

13 thoughts on “little witch #2

  1. Oh she is wonderful! The hair is great. The dress is BRILLIANT! Would it be terrible to try that for one of my EFA dolls? If that is too close to stealing, please tell me and I won’t do it. I recently made a blouse for a little EFA doll with the sleeve of an antique christening gown.

  2. More, more, more! The details on this doll are so perfect! I love the hair especially, and I just love the striped stockings on all these recent ones!

  3. She is fabulous with her pursed lips, little hairdo and delightful striped tights. Oh, you have really made her delightful with her little details!

  4. are you kidding me! i love her! i love her! this is my first time to your blog through wee wonderfuls. since i haven’t been here i’m going to do some searching to see if i can buy her-or similiar-make her.

  5. I fell in love with this doll the moment i saw it. You do excellent work. Is there any possibility of commissioning you to make more?

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