a different take on a mermaid

This girl is inspired by mermaids but is not a mermaid. There are loads of photos because I love how she came together!

When I was planning a mermaid inspired girl, I thought of doing it with just the colors. Of course it would have been subtle… and who wants subtle? I’ve been obsessing about Heather Ross‘ mermaid fabric (Mendocino)– knowing that I had to find a way to use it in something. So, put it all together and here she is!

She has an angora blend sweater with a little ruffle around the bottom edge. The sweater closes with an orange button.

Underneath she has a pinafore made from 2 of the Mendocino fabrics- seahorses and mermaids.

The back with it’s button closure-

And here is her cashmere underskirt. It also has a ruffled lettuce edge. And an elastic waist with a button closure.

The back view-

And sitting-

10 thoughts on “a different take on a mermaid

  1. oh, mimi…she is gorgeous and her clothes are impeccable! i love how that differently colored seahorse is right above her heart. your details always impress me. xxx

  2. I’m in love with each garment – individually and as the entire ensemble! And even her red hair with its flat locks looks seaweedy. The lettuce edged skirt looks like lettuce seaweed too. I love the striped legs and the colors. And I want a jacket just like that one (but bigger). So perfect, Mimi. Again.

  3. Exquisite! I believe than when she slips into the water, her feet join and become a powerful fin. It’s quite obvious that she can swim. Her clothes are heavenly.

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