mermaids ahead

I’ve had mermaids on my mind for a while now and finally have had time to get to work on them.

One done-

Her bangs are dyed wool locks- I thought they looked very fish/ seaweed/ ocean look.

A little starfish in her head-

Hair back- sweater ribbing-

She has a ruffle fin on her bottom-

More photos on flickr.

Some mermaids that I love- Danita’s, Mariana Massarani’s (she inspired my first set of mermaids), and Amy’s to name a few.

11 thoughts on “mermaids ahead

  1. I love her ruffled fin, I love her pensive expression, I love her seaweedy hair. And the links were inspiring, too. I love your older mermaids with their little breasts! I love how demure Anna’s mermaids are. My workmanship is not fine, and my ideas are all over the place, but if you want to see some of what I’m doing, it’s at I put these photos up to share with a girlfriend, so they are more all-over-the-place than if I had really planned to show them. I bought the eyes, which feels sort of like cheating–I’m planning to try painting marbles before too long.

  2. I went to your flickr page just now–it was great to see your photo shoot–and to see Mango enjoying your fabric!

  3. Hi Mimi,..I love mermaids, and have done so since I was little and I owned the Littlest Mermaid book, so I loved to see your mermaid.
    I also LOVE your embroidery, and thought that she would look even more exquisite and lovely with your embroidered embellishments that ONLY YOU know how to do/like seaweed cascading, or a turtle shell bead /welllllllll you knowwww…heheh….where did those things go, youuu !?…well, that was my first impression,…but then, that is because there is something of your embroidery that shows us how your imagination flies with each piece!….. that makes it so unique and even more special! (I really love the lettuce-like ruffly edges of the tail fin,! ….that is perfect,…. I love to see how you add exquisite knowledge of just what the perfect fabric applications will do for the right touch in all the right places…!
    well, as always, I look forward to seeing more…yess, I’ve just found your work recently, but I have pretty much looked through everything to see as much as I could! ….)
    all the best as always…ps….she is a gorgeous dolly, but to me just wanted to see more..I love textiles and art/…I can’t get enough of your applications of them together, especially love your interpretations coming out in your embroidery!

  4. Half a world away its nice to think people are thinking along the same each other…with their own interpretation of a theme. I’ve just finished playing fishy dolls as well. Four little mermaids left my table today. They’re such a lovely thing to imagine aren’t they? I love your mermaid. She’s everything a mermaid should be! I’m off to check out your mermaid links now.

  5. i love your mermaids. they are very cute. I made one for my son’s school friend last year…and wish I had the patience to make more. well done.

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